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Best Amazon Fire Tablet accessories 2022

Blink Mini Lifestyle
Blink Mini Lifestyle (Image credit: Blink)

So you've decided to pick up a shiny new Amazon Fire tablet. Maybe it's the 7-incher, the latest 10-inch HD version, or even one of the great Kids Editions. Whichever one you grabbed, congratulations! You've made a smart decision because while these aren't the most powerful tablets you can find, they're easily some of the best Android tablets for your money. Now that it's time to accessorize, here are some of the best Amazon Fire Tablet accessories you can buy right now.

Accessorizing — what separates us from the animals

Amazon Fire tablets are inexpensive, durable, and incredibly useful personal technology devices, and they're also some of the cheapest Android tablets that you can buy. Coming in various sizes, colors, and capacities, and with built-in and hands-free Alexa access, they delight their users through entertainment and convenience.

Once you've set up your Fire tablet, you have virtually unlimited access to movies, TV shows, apps, music, books, and all the online shopping Amazon can throw at you. You also have access to great content from Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and even Apple (Music)! And if you have kids, these are still the only tablets we'd recommend.

Our top accessory recommendation for Fire tablets is the Amazon Fire Tablet Cover. Not only do they look great, but they do a great job of providing protection and utility for your Fire tablet. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of accessories for whichever Fire tablet you choose. For example, the colorful Kid-Proof Case for Fire 7 Tablets is great because it will protect your precious tablet from the inevitable drops and bumps brought on by the little ones. The Blink Mini camera, on the other hand, is a futuristic and affordable way to protect your home, which you can check on at any time through your Fire tablet.

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