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Amazon's line of Fire tablets are some of the best out, so we made sure to find you the best Fire HD 8 cases around. Amazon's 2020 model brought some nice upgrades to the tablet, so getting a case to make sure it stays protected makes sense. Don't worry! If you're looking for a case for an earlier model of the Fire HD 8, we have those for you here too.

Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 (10th Gen)

Amazon Mickey Case Fire Hd 8 2020 Reco

Don't worry, be happy: Amazon Mickey No Bad Days

Staff Pick

This case from Amazon does double-duty of keeping your table safe while spreading joy. It features Mickey and Minnie Mouse in a great beach scene and a bit of inspiration on the back. This folio-style case will also do a great job of keeping your tablet in great shape.

$35 at Amazon
Moko Felt Sleeve Case Fire Hd 8 2020 Reco

Full sleeved: MoKo Felt Sleeve

If you are looking for some protection during your tablet's transit and less so while you're using it, then you may want to consider this sleeve from MoKo. It offers the main pouch for your device with a secondary spot for some accessories. With a great looking and feeling felt, your device will be covered, and it'll look great while on the go.

$11 at Amazon
Dadanism Translucent Case Fire Hd 8 2020 Reco

Beautiful cover: Dadanism Folio Case with Translucent Back

A tablet case can be about more than just protecting your device. While this case from Dadanism does protect your new tablet, it also looks great doing it. It has a soft and slim TPU back that offers a see-through design on the back, with a folding cover for the front. Plus, use the cover to prop up your tablet for easier viewing when it's on a table.

$12 at Amazon
Djrppq Shockproof Case Fire Hd 8 2020 Reco

Here "four" coverage: DJ&RPPQ Shockproof Case

This case is designed to look good and offer great protection for your new tablet. With its easy-to-hold design, this case will be one you love to hold onto. However, should it get dropped, the durable EVA material will protect your tablet. Its specially designed corner coverage ensures your table survives any accidental falls.

$10 at Amazon
Moko Kids Case Fire Hd 8 2020 Reco

Cute coverage: MoKo Kids Case

Perhaps you intend to get the Fire HD 8 for your little one. Here's a case designed specifically for kids with its fun design and excellent protection. With an easy-to-hold handle and a fun bear design on the back with fold-out feet that act as a stand, your child will enjoy the case as much as the tablet.

From $11 at Amazon
Fintie Silicone Case Fire Hd 8 2020 Reco

Slim and strong: Fintie Silicone Case

Fintie has been offering quality tech accessories for a long time, and it's continuing that trend with the silicone case for the new Fire HD 8 tablet. The slim silicone case gives great protection without adding too much bulk.

From $10 at Amazon
Amazon Folio Case Fire Hd 8 2020 Reco

From the source: Amazon Fire HD 8 Folio Cover

Amazon makes some great products and does the same to keep them safe. The folio case from Amazon offers reliable protection with a subdued look. Covered with a subtle fabric finish, this case makes sure your table can handle a little tumble. The cover can fold to prop up your tablet to make watching your favorite shows a bit easier.

Zonefoker Leather Fire Hd 8 Case

Classic leather look: ZoneFoker Case

If you're looking for a classic two-tone stitched leather look, then you can stop because this case from ZoneFoker is the one. The folio-style cover can not only keep your tablet safe but also act as a stand to prop up the display. Plus, there's also a stylus holder and a pocket to store papers in.

$21 at Amazon
Seymac Fire Hd 8 Case

Rough and tumble: SEYMAC Stand & Strap Case

When you need a case that is ready for anything, the SEYMAC Stand & Strap Case is the one you want. With its durable, multi-layered shell, kickstand, detachable lanyard, and palm grip — This case can take a beating while keeping your tablet safe.

From $23 at Amazon

The Latest protection available

Amazon's most recent Fire HD 8 tablet is an excellent piece of technology at an amazing price, so getting a case to keep it protected is a great idea. Not only can you find a case that will help your purchase safe, but you can get one that can give it a bit more personality.

That's what the Amazon Mickey No Bad Days case does wonderfully. It gives your tablet protection and extra functionality with its cover that can fold up to prop your tablet up for better viewing. Hopefully, Mickey and Minnie Mouse happy, and sitting on the beach makes you smile.

However, if you are looking for a simple and reliable cover for your new Fire HD 8 tablet, then consider the Fintie Silicone Case. It will keep your tablet safe from accidental drops without adding too much bulk to the device. With textured sides and back, the case will help reduce the chance that your tablet can slide off surfaces to keep your tablet working great for a long time.

8th and 7th Generation

I use my previous generation Fire HD 8 tablet just about every day, whether to watch a show on Amazon Prime, look up a recipe, or surf the net. It's an amazing little device, but as with any tablet, it can easily get broken, which is why you'll want to purchase a quality case for it. I've collected the best cases for the Fire HD 8 tablet so you can determine which one best fits your needs.

Fintie Silicone Case Amazon Fire Hd 8 Reco

Comfortably safe: Fintie Silicone Case

Staff Pick

For thrifty shoppers who don't like to spend more than they need to, this silicone casing is the perfect option. It offers plenty of protection and comes in nine different color options. Whether you're getting one for yourself or you're getting one for your child's Fire tablet, it's a great option.

From $15 at Amazon
Roiskin Amazon Fire Hd8 Case Reco

Tread lightly: ROISKIN Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Case

These cases are made up of two different layers to provide extra protection from bumps and drops. There are eight different options to choose from, each with the tire tread design on the back. The kickstand in the middle of the case allows you to use it hands-free so you can easily watch shows.

$9 at Amazon
Buruis Leather Fire Hd 8 2018 Case

Leather folio: Buruis Leather Style Case

If you're looking for a more elegant look, we highly recommend this leather folio case. It's sturdy, and the cover folds over so you can prop your tablet up. It comes in a classic brown leather look with some light vintage scroll design on the front. There's even a spot to put a stylus so that it's always in reach.

$13 at Amazon
Amazon Fire Hd 8 Case Reco

Official gear: Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Case (2017 and 2018 Releases)

These fabric cases come in five different colors and give your Fire HD 8 a pleasant look. The cover folds in such a way that you can use it to prop your tablet up either vertically or horizontally, so you can watch shows or play games without holding it in your hands. A magnet in the cover ensures that the flap stays closed to protect your screen.

$15 at Amazon
Tirin Fire Hd 8 Kids Case

Kiddie corner: TIRIN Kid-proof Handle Case (2017 and 2018 Releases)

If you're looking for something a toddler or small child can use, we highly recommend this EVA foam case. There's a nice handle that means your child can easily carry it and pop-out kickstands to watch shows without holding it up. The heavy-duty casing will protect it from the inevitable bumps and drops children subject everything to.

From $15 at Amazon
Mickey Fire 8 Case

Quite the character: DC Faner Case

This is the perfect case for those who like the look of folio cases but want something a little more unique. There are seven fun designs to choose from, featuring some of our favorite classic characters. The cover folds into a kickstand to prop the tablet up horizontally, and there's even a strap to keep it closed when you're not using it.

$20 at Amazon
Jetech Case Amazon Fire Hd 8reco

Slim cover: JETech Case

If you want something simple that can protect your tablet screen, you'll want to check out this case. The front flap folds into a kickstand and features a magnet to hold it in place when closed. There are four colors in total, but the black one is the cheapest.

Jzcreator Fire Hd 8 Case Reco

Wallet case: JZCreater Folio

Regardless of whether you're using your tablet for work or pleasure, you might find this combo case and wallet useful. There are nine fun designs to choose from, and each has three credit card slots and an ID slot. The cover snaps shut to prevent anything from falling and can be used to prop the tablet up.

From $17 at Amazon
Braecn Rugged Fire Hd 8 Case

Rugged versatility: BRAECN Heavy Duty Case

If you need your case to be protected from nearly everything life can throw at it, or when it's thrown, then consider this case from BRAECN. It has 360 degrees of protection as well as a screen protector. There's a rotating handle on the back for a secure hold that also has a kickstand for propping up your tablet.

$24 at Amazon
Poetic Turtleskin Fire Hd 8 Case Reco

Ninja Squirtle: Poetic TurtleSkin Fire HD 8 Case

I love the design of this casing, which resembles a turtle shell while still providing practical damage resistance. It's made of soft silicone to protect against bumps or drops. Vents are designed into the case to keep your tablet from overheating. What's more, there are four fun colors to choose from.

Play with Fire

I spent hours comparing different Fire HD 8 cases to determine which were the best. When making my list, I focused on price, overall protection, extra convenience, and color variety. There are plenty of different options out there, so you can find the case that specifically fits your needs.

My favorite is the Fintie Tuatara Magic Ring since it not only provides a handle and kickstand but completely covers every side of your tablet for extra protection. The built-in screen protector will prevent scratches from destroying the display, which most other cases don't do. It even comes in a range of colors so you can choose the look you like best.

If you plan on taking your tablet with you just about everywhere, you should consider getting an Official Amazon Fire HD 8 Case. It offers your tablet protection in a slim profile. The cover's ability to fold over and prop up your tablet in a variety of orientations will make watching your favorite shows a snap.

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