Best Amazon Fire 7 cases 2024

The smallest Fire tablet has proven to be a handy little device. Whether you're using it to watch Amazon Prime shows, look up recipes, listen to music, or simply to surf the web, you'll want to keep it protected.

It isn't cheap after all, and it only takes one bad trip to ruin it. We've gathered together the best cases for your 2019 and 2022 Amazon Fire 7 tablets that are suitable for a variety of uses. See which one works best for you.

Best Amazon Fire 7 (2022) cases

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Dress up your brand new Amazon Fire 7 (2022) tablet

The latest iteration of the Amazon Fire 7 (2022) ditches the older micro-USB port, bringing us modern USB-C charging instead. If you've upgraded to this petite yet value-packed Fire tablet from Amazon, best grab a sweet case to keep it fresh for many years to come.

The CoBak PU Leather Case is a stellar tablet case for your Amazon Fire 7 (12th Gen). Not only does the entire thing look suave, but it's also extremely useful. The CoBak case has got a folio cover that triggers the Fire tablet's sleep/wake function, thanks to its magnetic nature. You can also fold the cover beneath the tablet to make it into a kickstand whenever you desire. Then there's the elastic band sewn into the back of the Fire 7 cover, which assists you in one-handed usage.

For something rugged, Amazon's first-party Kid-Proof Case is the best Fire 7 cover. It is lightweight but sturdy, and you get three bright dual-toned color combos to choose from. The handle allows you or your child to carry the Fire 7 around with ease, and it also acts as a stand to prop up your tablet. If you want similar features in a cheaper package, the Auorld Kids Case works as a fantastic alternative.

Both may have 7-inch displays, but the 2019 Fire 7 and 2022 Fire 7 iterations do not fit the same tablet cases and covers. If you're looking for an Amazon Fire 7 (2019) case, you'll want something that's priced decently and provides protection for your tablet.

You'll also want to consider color options and any additional conveniences a case might offer. For instance, some cases include kickstands so you can prop your screen up without using your hands. You should also double-check that the case you want to purchase is compatible with your version of Fire tablet.

Best Amazon Fire 7 (2019) cases

Give your older Fire 7 tablet some love

The best Amazon Fire 7 (2019) case is the Poetic Slimline Case, which is designed for the 9th-generation Fire 7 tablet. It's one of the least expensive cases on our list, comes in a soft blue hue, and is sure to protect your tablet from scratches and bumps. The cover even folds up into a kickstand so you can enjoy hands-free tablet usage. It provides just about everything you could need at a reasonable price.

If need something that offers high protection and looks great too, then the Maomi Heavy Duty Cover is an excellent choice. It offers robust protection, including an additional textured back layer that pops out, reinforced corners, raised edges, and a kickstand. Regardless of which case you choose to go with, your 2019 Fire 7 tablet will gain a bit of unique style, and have a better chance of surviving a few bumps.

After you're done shopping for a nice protective case, check out some of the best accessories for your Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

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