Predator 6

How many cores does your smartphone CPU contain? Two, four, possibly even eight? Acer says this isn't enough. The company today teased the Predator 6 at IFA, a new Android-powered smartphone with a 10-core processor. It's an absolute beast of a phone and shares the same branding as Acer's gaming products, so this thing is clearly designed for those who enjoy the heavier side of mobile gaming.

The deca-core processor is the MediaTek Helio X20, which will be accompanied by 4GB of RAM (more than what some laptops and desktop PCs have), 21MP rear camera, as well as four front-facing speakers for that ultimate gaming and media consumption experience. Unfortunately, the company was light on details, but it looks like something we wouldn't mind showing off in public.

We'll hopefully have more details soon enough, but what are your initial thoughts on the Predator 6?