Amazon's latest Echo smart speaker and TP-Link's Kasa smart light are a steal at $55 during this Black Friday sale

Close-up of the Amazon Echo 4th Gen
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The holidays are here, meaning Black Friday now with the biggest deals. But this also is a time for getting together with friends and family. What better way to set the perfect mood than with great music and the right ambiance with lighting? Saving money while doing it, of course. That's why you can't let this deal on one of our favorite smart speakers paired with a great smart light slip by.

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) in Charcoal bundle with TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb: $122.98 $54.99 at Amazon

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) in Charcoal bundle with TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb: $122.98 $54.99 at Amazon

The fantastic deal nabs you one of Amazon's best smart speakers to date with the Echo (4th gen) to give your home a boost. When you add the TP-Link Kasa smart bulb to it, you'll have total control over both lighting and tunes. 

It was a big deal when Amazon released the current Echo smart speaker as it went from being a cylinder to a sphere. While this may not seem like much, we found in our review that the new shape greatly improved the sound quality. This ties in with all the Alexa features you get with it. Not to mention its ability to act as your smart home hub with Matter and Thread built-in.

Those are great features because this deal gives you a fantastic TP-Link Kasa smart bulb. The Kasa line of smart devices includes some of the best smart plugs in addition to lights. You'll have total control over your new light, from whether it is on or off to scheduling to what color it shines. So don't sleep on this deal for one of our favorite smart home combos.

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