We asked you to tell us about your favorite racing games for Android. And while the results weren't as numerous as other categories, there were two clear winners. We'll take a look at them after the break.

Asphalt 5 (Higher-end Android phones)

This is what racing on a high-end Android smartphone should look like. Smooth, studding graphics and easy gameplay. $6.99 [Market link]

Raging Thunder 2

Five single-player modes, online multiplayer and beautiful 3D graphics make Raging Thunder  a must-have as well. Free "lite" version [Market link] | Full version ~$6 [Market link]


Reader comments

Your favorite racing games [AC Asks]


dude, I wanna go on a road trip with you behind the wheel. Molly Hachett blasting from the 8 track, sparks flying from the walls, and the public at large screaming in terror lol.

We'll take my truck. It's undestructible.

Why, just why does these games not run that smoothly on my HTC Desire?
Alphalt is a bit more laggy than ragin thunder, but they both do...

Why doesn't EA support the Android platform??? I want the Need for Speed franchise available on my Android device.