We asked you to tell us about your favorite racing games for Android. And while the results weren't as numerous as other categories, there were two clear winners. We'll take a look at them after the break.

Asphalt 5 (Higher-end Android phones)

This is what racing on a high-end Android smartphone should look like. Smooth, studding graphics and easy gameplay. $6.99 [Market link]

Raging Thunder 2

Five single-player modes, online multiplayer and beautiful 3D graphics make Raging Thunder  a must-have as well. Free "lite" version [Market link] | Full version ~$6 [Market link]

There are 8 comments

brak014 says:

I just get Road Rash II emulated on Gensoid

Basis says:

So when will you guys announce the winners of the skin protectors?

Picking them right now, actually. Sorry for the delay.

gbhil#AC says:

LOL. Remind me never to walk along the road when Phil's driving :P


Ah. You must not have caught this gem at WME. lol.

gbhil#AC says:

dude, I wanna go on a road trip with you behind the wheel. Molly Hachett blasting from the 8 track, sparks flying from the walls, and the public at large screaming in terror lol.

We'll take my truck. It's undestructible.

Jaystar says:

Why, just why does these games not run that smoothly on my HTC Desire?
Alphalt is a bit more laggy than ragin thunder, but they both do...

macsmister says:

Why doesn't EA support the Android platform??? I want the Need for Speed franchise available on my Android device.