Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Preorder a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on Verizon? If so, time to check the mailbox, boys and girls. We know they've been shipping already, and now it appears they're starting to get into some excited little hands. We're still two days away from in-store availability (and a day from when we thought we'd actually see them be delivered). But we don't think anyone's going to turn away an Xperia Play should it show up a day or two early, right?

Thanks, Dustin!

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YEA! I hope this has been worth the wait. Can't wait to get some actual user reviews.My first Verizon phone was the SE T61c(mine actually ran great).Love SE's styling.Just hope the rest of the phone measures up.

gerdon4uva says:

All I can say is F`n sweet!

Thanks Phil :0D

f150fan says:

Sweet!! When can we expect a full review Phil??

starscream84 says:

If your interested check the stores kiddies.. both Ex Play and LG Rev. Were available.... but for some odd reason they told me they can't sell an X2 until tomorrow.. haha

Was the Xperia Play on the sales floor yet or just in the stock room?

cmarks03 says:

At the VZW store on Conant St. in Maumee, OH, there was a live display unit on the sales floor on Sunday afternoon. I didn't play with it too much - just long enough to be able to agree with the person who said that Crash Bandicoot really hasn't aged well. I didn't ask anyone there about it.

tyrok3k says:

So...SEX Play for short, right?

It is now :p

Hopefully the phone is as good as the Thread titles we can come up with.LOL

Dropping my Droid charge for this come Thursday :)

zero neck says:

This is awesome. Wish i was still 14.

"In my day all we had was Snake.....and we were happy to have that!" *Shakes Fist* "Damn Kids and their fancy-smancy Droids!"

Evildude718 says:

Doa in my opinion... there no real buzz for this phone. Its might be running the latest version of android but the hardware is pretty dated and theres like no games out for it at launch plus the games that are available are bad. I give it a pass..