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Wild Blood, Gameloft's first Unreal-powered game, is now available in Google Play for $6.99. The action game loosely follows the mythology of King Arthur and in particular his knight Sir Lancelot. Arthur has lost his gourd and opened up a the very gates of hell, leaving Lancelot to beat back the evil with whatever steely or magical implements of destruction he can find. Meanwhile, Queen Guinevere got herself captured, which sucks for Lancelot since he's been seeing her on the DL. 

I got a bit of playtime in, and though the framerate is a bit choppy on the Nexus 7 and there are optional in-app purchases employed, the action is fast, and the monsters are absolutely awesome. Anyone else pick this up? Worth the seven bucks? How's performance on your device? Still a little tacky to push IAPs in premium-priced games, no?


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Wild Blood brings Arthurian hack-and-slash gameplay to Android


hearing about choppy frame rate here and poor controls in another review makes me want to skip this one.

This game would probably be awesome on the OUYA, but I can't see myself really getting into a hardcore game like this on my cell.

IAPs are a joke for $7 game. If i'm shelling out for the game I want the game to come bundled with everything I need to advance in the game and don't want to be harassed by IAP spam.

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