MyTouch cases

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G (the phone previously know as the myTouch HD, or just plain myTouch) hasn't even had a launch date revealed, but TMO is already showing off some accessories that you will be able to get with it. Android Central Forums user fatboy97 found a section of T-Mobile's Facebook page that has pictures of numerous cases. Seeing all these accessories probably only serves to make the wait for the HSPA+ device harder, which was probably T-Mobile's intention all along. [Facebook via Android Central Forums]


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Sneak peek at myTouch 4G accessories


I am beginning to fear that this is indeed the project emerald that I have been anticipating. Major letdown with this espresso garbage. Now to pray the nexus two rumors are true.. I enjoy getting my updates in a timely manner.

At least that blue or green slip case would cover the nauseous red or purple paint job... Although I still prefer a flip cover that covers the face like you could get for the original MyTouch (even though it only came in black - some nifty Android decals jazzed it up).