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Phil's not the only one with too much stuff laying around the office. I'm remodeling, so that means some of this stuff has to go. During the next week or so I'll be sprinkling a few things here and there that are looking for a good home, and I'll start today with an Archos GamePad. It's a 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet with a pretty nifty set of gaming controls built right into the body.

To win, just drop a comment on this post. I'll shut it down late tonight, and we'll announce the winners once my office is cleaned out. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win an Archos GamePad



Very interested in this device... I still use my Xperia Play because it is so convenient with the gamepad controls built in.

My son would think I AM the best dad in the world if I could win this for him.

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I'm having knee surgery in august and this would make me feel really good and not depressed and give me something to do while i fatten like a marshmallow in the microwave when i sit on the couch for my 3 month recovery. love you too, AC!!!

Wow...A gamepad, its a perfect match for my HP TouchPad...well I don't mean it... :P
I wanna win for my 5yr old daughter...

I've never won anything from you guys, or any other place!
Make me a happy constant androidcentral visitor!!! <3!

wow amazing give away, never had an android tablet and i only had a gamecube, it would be so awesome if i could win this, ill be crossing my fingers =]

I've wanted one of these for a while, but school has taken priority... Here's to hoping I can catch a break!

PLEASE let me win this so I can give it to my girlfriend so she'll stop stealing my HP Touchpad and using up all my lives on Candy Crush. She's beautiful and I love the crap out of her but she sucks so hard at Candy Crush and she's making me look bad!

I'm in for trying out something new!

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I have a 504, 604, 5, 7, and 10. This would be a great addition. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSS!!!!!

I don't have money to spend on the newly announced Xbox One or the PS4...but this would do just fine for some portable gaming!

Aww man I'm comment number 800 or so by now . Still adversity breeds character! Woo hoo I want one so bad!

Another option for wasting time is always welcome.

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I want one! My tablet is getting old and I've always wanted to get a new one that was more game oriented, I just can't afford it right now so please pick me!

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This would be perfect for my upcoming birthday ;)

BTW good luck with your office cleaning.

Thanks Android Central for this giveaway.

I am leaving a comment as I am told to do. While I don't do everything people tell me to do I will do this one. I'm actually just seeing how many times I can say do in a post that makes sense. :-) Hope I win!!

I just want Archos to get it right. After owning an Archos 5IT and the Archos 9 they seem like they are so close to being awesome but they just aren't getting it

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