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Phil's not the only one with too much stuff laying around the office. I'm remodeling, so that means some of this stuff has to go. During the next week or so I'll be sprinkling a few things here and there that are looking for a good home, and I'll start today with an Archos GamePad. It's a 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet with a pretty nifty set of gaming controls built right into the body.

To win, just drop a comment on this post. I'll shut it down late tonight, and we'll announce the winners once my office is cleaned out. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win an Archos GamePad


If sucking up helps then I want to emphatically state I want you to date my daughter. If it doesn't, please disregard the previous sentence and accept my request to win a free gamepad.


I would love one, they always look good the only reason i have not bought a controller for my phone is because i am broke. its really hard to play some games with the touchscreen

This could be a lot of fun. Maybe even take too much of my time...

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It's nice that you're a giving away things you don't use.
You guys are cool :)

winning would be awesome! maybe i can show my little one and the new born how to play

Maybe if I speak in baby talk. They will find it too irresistible and coo over me and give me the archos!
Me wanty gamey tabby!

Love that your doing some remodding. Don't mind taking some of the clutter off your hands.

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You folks are far too kind to us readers with all these freebies!!! Thanks a million!

Thanks Jerry. This Archos gaming tablet will definitely get some usage on my frequent airplane flights.

I mean if your cleaning up. Sure I'll take it off your hands. No take backs!

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I'd love to win one of these. i'd use it, my 7 year old would use it. heck, i think i could teach my 4 year old to use it. wife would hate it though. maybe i'll just send her on a shopping spree to make her feel better about me winning it! Thanks, AC! Thanks, Jerry!

I've actually wanted one of those but couldn't get it would love to win one better said it.....

Mine? (I wonder if the winner is chosen by random number generator, or by the content of their postings)

That would save a nexus 4 battery! I'm charging twice a day right now!

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Can't wait to have a built in gaming tablet. Also wish that some day I could have the fortune to give away stuff like this that has been piling up on my desk ;-)

I would love to try all the mobile android games I have on a gamepad like this, especially the rpg,fps type games I have. Please pick me! Thanks!

Just read about it today and even though battery life seems to be a bit short, it still seems like a great device, especially for the price (and even more when it's free ;-) ).

Since I never win, I'll just say thanks for asking. You are a gentleman and scholar!

Free stuff? Cool.

Free stuff that I would use (especially over my old Nook Color)? Really cool.

That looks so sweet. It would be much better than gaming on my Galaxy Nexus with a splintered screen. The glass sometimes catches my finger lol

I would be much interested in one. I recently got Final Fantasy IV for the Android, so this would be awesome to play it on.

Would love to take the Archos "tablet". Maybe it could be part of my spring cleaning next year!

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I need one to go with my television, PS vita, iPad mini, htc one, desktop, laptop, and iPod. Screens, screens, I need more screens.

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I would love to get my hands on one of these, but couldn't justify it otherwise.

If I'm ever going to win anything from you guys now is the time for it to happen.

Thanks for the giveaway! Would be awesome to have one of these; my original transformer is starting to show it's age for all these new games. At any rate, it definitely seems more like summer than spring right now. Have a nice night!

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I'd love to have it!

It's great to see Android growing into a viable gaming platform. It may one day dominate mobile gaming. :)

I wuld love to have this tablet it would make playing emulated games so much easier to play

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Would love to have a portable gamepad like this. Last time I really enjoyed a hand held was gameboy/gameboy color I think.

These giveaways are great not just because of the generosity of the fine folks at Android Central, but because of the comments to the post. I like reading the clever bits everyone posts.

I have followed this item and always thought that would be fun to have and play someday!!

Good luck to everyone!!

since you asked, ill take it off your hands. Its just the kind of guy i am. ;)

I could use this baby to pay some old school emulators. *crosses fingers* please be me please be me

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I've had a soft spot for Archos since my old Archos Jukebox with Rockbox. I'd love to have an Archos gaming tablet!

Archos being a french brand, send it home... i'll take good care of it!

Pretty please with plenty of thank yous if I win!

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oOOOooo, I had their Archos 101 tablet I got off a woot! sale and although it was fast, it had sensitivity issues like pressing capacitive buttons without me doing anything and unfortunately the scree was as bad as the original macbook, the slightest angle change and the back-light black levels shot up to grey washing out anything in the dark. But that was a couple years ago i'm sure they are better now.

I'll bet the majority of the people that have entered the contest bashed the device when the review was posted. Now they want to win it. Hypocrites.

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