Angry Birds Star Wars is approaching its November 8 launch, and Rovio continues to tease us, today with another gameplay trailer. The birds all look like characters from the classic sci-fi movie, complete with special Star Wars-themed abilities.

The red bird will be able to spin with a lightsaber, taking down structures and deflecting fire from Stormpiggies. The yellow bird is donning Han Solo's appearance, and will be able to make strafing runs over the course of his trajectory, while the black bird Obi-wan Kenobi will be able to execute a force push before making impact. The egg-laying bird actually drops an R2-D2 unit now which electrocutes everything in a certain radius. We've also seen the pink bird dressed up as Princess Leia, who will have a kind of laser shot ability similar to (but more direct) than Han's. Check out some of the other gameplay videos on Rovio's YouTube channel for a further sampling. Chewie looks like he's just huge and will roll over just about everything. 

So, who's going to be picking up Angry Birds Star Wars? Is this licensing deal tacky or adorable? How do you guys feel about the Disney acquisition?

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nickel3956 says:

I love it! Can't wait!

Tsudeily says:

I truly hope they used some of the designed levels that some guy drew up years ago. Anyone else remember those? Angry Rebels! lol

that's the best thing to come out from star wars since the original trilogy

I had serious doubts but that looks pretty fun.

Jordan jones says:

How many spin offs do they make in a calender year

cp06 says:

I think the licencing deal is adorable, especially after George Lucas donated his 4 billion dollar proceeds to education. I'm sure he has made a boat load of money off star wars, but to sell your cash cow and donate all the proceeds for a better future seems to be rare in today's day and age. I was shocked when I heard the announcement. :)

murnja says:

same angry birds...boring since first one

sledgie#AC says:

It's looks quite amazing to me, actually. But honestly, i can't imagine how much Rovio must have paid to #1 have the star wars insignia, and work in hand with LucasArts. I applaud this effort as this looks entertaining and definitely different. Those characters must have been expensive to license, or borrow the license in a sense, but wow, i'll definitely be checking this out. Looks fun - similar to those lego star wars and lego indiana jones' games.

ChrisLuce#IM says:

Excellent!! Can't wait...

orlanka says:

Have to give them some credit for doing more than just a seasons change. The space one was fun for a little bit but I'll give this one a chance.

soulsurvives says:

yeah im diggin it.......

barondebxl says:

It looks sick!

mnguyea says:

Will the pigs please give the eggs back to the birds already.

This franchise is old and stale. I barely even played bad piggies or whatever that they call it and will probably play one level and then it will just be occupying space on my phone until I uninstall it like I did with the rest of the Angry bird sequels.