Razer Android TV micro-console

Razer's getting into the connected entertainment market by announcing a micro-console powered by Android TV. Set to launch later this fall, Razer's micro-console will be focused on gaming, and will be able to stream movies, music and other apps.

Although Razer isn't divulging the exact hardware used in the micro-console, the brand's CEO and founder Min-Liang Tan said that users would be able to play hardcore games along with more casual titles. Pricing details have also not been announced, with Tan only stating that the micro-console would be "affordable."

The few nuggets of information Razer has shared indicate that the device would feature voice-guided navigation, which is an intrinsic feature in Android TV. In addition, Razer is also adding the ability to navigate the micro-console with dedicated mobile apps which will be available for Android tablets and smartphones.

Razer also mentioned that the same design team that worked on its earlier hardware efforts like the Razer Blade, the Razer Edge and the modular Project Christine will be working on the design of the Android TV micro-console.

Other than that, there isn't any concrete information available regarding the device. Razer hasn't even finalized a name yet, and is just calling the Android TV device a "micro-console."

We should have more information once the micro-console gets closer to its launch, which is slated for sometime this fall.

Are you excited about Razer's Android TV device? What kind of hardware do you think the micro-console will feature?

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Razer's gaming focused 'micro-console' is powered by Android TV, launching this fall


I'm gonna wait to see if Google releases a Android TV box.

Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

I don't think they will. Other than home automation kit, they seem to want out of the hardware business. There's also no need. In the phone market, they had the Nexus program to show off what our Android could do, but Android TV won't have that problem.

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i am shocked that you think that. The chromecast is doing great and I am almost positive they will have their own Android TV set top box.

Yeah I would prefer a box straight from the source. The reason why I finally got a Nexus when I did.

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

I just want to know can it play local content through USB, like the ouya, no one is buying this to play games onit. If it can play games on it then fine, great, but no one will buy it too just play games on it.

Actually, that's one of the big reasons I'm looking forward to it. An inexpensive gaming console with inexpensive games sounds awesome. And I can pick up the games on all my Android devices. With the planned updates to Google Play Games and this, Android gaming will get a nice boost and gaming in general will move closer to digitization.

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I agree, it's not going to attract hardcore gamers but certainly casual gamers. Another thing to consider is that Android TV hardware will continue to improve while the game consoles are stuck with what they have for another 6+ years. I think MS (Xbox) and Sony (Playstation) should be VERY worried about the next gen!!

I'm interested in this precisely because it allows for light gaming. I already have 15 different ways to get Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/local video on each of my TVs so media playback doesn't interest me at all.


I agree totally, if mainstream/casual gamers are going to be playing, why not just pick up your tablet or phone and play like you already do...

hardcore gamers are not going to be into this much, they are always going to be focused on the main consoles. there is a reason they sell Xboxs, nintendos, and playstations by the millions. people are really into it. price isn't really a concern if you want to play video games... yeah its a few hundred buck, but come on now, do you know more children with gaming systems or without gaming systems? almost everybody's got one.

without this being the next big thing and selling millions its not really going to be able to have good online support, making it even less enticing to people who want to play around.

there really just two types of people out there
people who do play games, and people who dont

gamers are going to keep on gaming the way they currently do.

the people who don't play games are probably going to continue to not play games

you might catch a few fence straddlers, but i doubt its going to be enough to sustain that kind of business. this thing will be dead if its not strong in media consumption area.

Never heard of these guys. Don't expect much sales outside of certain android fans. If at all.

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Razer are pretty big in the PC gaming sector, so it could help their cause. Need to know the specs and pricing to see how well this is going to do really.

This is their first product of this type, but you've probably seen their PC gaming peripherals. I think their gaming mouse and keyboard lineup is the most popular out there. They also make the upcoming Nabu fitness band that AC's written about pretty extensively. Obviously success in those sectors isn't a predictor of quality in this one, but they're a pretty well-respected company.

Hitler? Who the hell is that? I've never heard of him, so he must not have been a big deal outside some certain Europeans.

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I use their keyboard, mouse and other accessories but I can't see the purpose of this. It will be interesting to see what they plan to do different than the other android TV set top boxes. It will have to be something special for me to buy because most of their accessories are on the higher end of the price range.

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I was thinking similarly. Razer thinks highly of their offerings. If Google is going to be mandating an identical experience across these devices, why buy one that costs more?


Affordable for those who already buy Razer products or affordable for anyone in the market? There's no doubt it'll be a solid product since Razer is a great company, but the price points have always been questionable.

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I'm guessing the CPU will be either a Tegra 4, maybe a k1. Or it would use a snapdragon 801

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I want a box that I can run xbmc on as well as play store shows. Right now htpc runs xbmc but I cant get reliable play store content on the tv.

Does Android TV support video hangouts (via Webcams and/or connected phones)? That would be a killer feature for me.

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question is compatibility with existing apps. XBMC for android compatibility including repositories?
yes, you say?
Day one purchase of 3
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Razerblade = Macbook Pro
Micro/mini-Console = Mac Mini/TV

I'm happy they based/copied of Apple's design.

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Someone should make a combo box that's both an Android TV and Steam OS streaming box, hardcore AND casual gaming all in one plus the usual content streaming... I'd pay up to $200 for something like that, as someone who has a high end PC and a Chromecast but little interest in regular consoles.