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Today Glu announced their next free-to-play game, Dragon Slayer. It's shaping up to incorporate a lot of Infinity Blade's one-on-one dueling format, except instead of wielding steel, players cast a variety of spells to subdue all manner of menacing dragons. Details are scarce for the time being, but you can count on upgradeable equipment and in-app purchases being in the mix somewhere. Plus, as you can tell, the graphics are pretty slick. 

What do you guys think of the trailer below? Glu has been publishing a lot of the duel-style games lately, including Blood and Glory: Legend and Death Dome... Any favorites, or is the freemium model an instant turn-off? Either way, expect to see Dragon Slayer in Google Play next week. 


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Pit might against magic in upcoming Dragon Slayer game


It'll be the same as usual. Fun for ten minutes then pointless unless you spend. Just slap a price on it and sell us the game, not "credits" or "gold". I don't bother installing Glu games any more. Shame, some of them have real potential.

I don't know, does it have jack for a storyline? For that matter, has any feemium game ever had an ounce of storyline?


I am done with "grind away until you pay" games. They always nag for more money. I will purchase a game with an up-front price and enjoy it more.