Game offers exclusive in-depth look at characters not fully revealed by the movie

Capitalizing on launching the same week as the feature film from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, Pacific Rim the game is making its way to Android today for $4.99. The game pulls heavily from the movie in terms of characters, plot and art but keeps things mobile-friendly with a head-to-head fighting style of game. The game offers both a "Story Mode" with 30 levels and "Survival Mode" for extended play, with distinct challenges in each. As you move through the game, you can customize up to five different characters with upgradeable skills and armor as you unlock different achievements.

You can watch a trailer for the game above, and grab a download of Pacific Rim from the Play Store link at the top of this post. Pacific Rim the movie is set to be released in U.S. theaters tomorrow.


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Pacific Rim game launches in Play Store ahead of movie release


Pacific Rim will go down as one of the biggest big budget flops in the history of Hollywood. To say it looks like a bad movie is actually being kind to it.

I really love sci-fi movies too.

Really? I can see it doing pretty well. I'm pretty psyched to see it. It has a good director and besides - there are big ass robots in it! How can that be bad?

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How?! It is a SyFy Original movie that somehow got green lighted for a massive budget.

I absolutely LOVE SyFy Original movies but I think they are absolutely terrible at the same time. The stories are horrendous, the acting is atrocious and the CGI is laughable.

Pacific Rim has a horrendous story line like SyFy Original movies. Huge monsters come from the middle of the earth and humans make huge robots to fight them? Seriously, that got the green light for a massive budget?

Plus I dare you to find one movie that Ron Perlman has been in that was a good movie. If he's in the movie, it's a terrible movie.

I think if they marketed it as a cheesy science fiction movie with incredible mind blowing CGI, it would be more successful. However since they are marketing it the same way every other summer big budget movie is marketed it will fail because of all the horrible reviews it's going to get. It's like The Happening. It was a cheesy movie that people hated, but once you learned it was made to be a cheesy movie it wasn't all that bad.

I'm afraid I'm in agreement.

I want it to be good, but I know I'm kidding myself.

Huge robots that need two people to operate them? Yeah...

Still, since no movie house has tried to take on the Robotech franchise and do it in a real-life blockbuster, I'll just set my expectations low and enjoy the robot/monster mayhem in this one. Can't wait till it comes to Bluray.


Storyline: As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse. <----- That's stupid

It'll be a great cheesy science fiction flick that will be fun to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon with nothing to do. People who pay $12 to see it are going to be pissed.

So you have seen it? Knock it after you see it, but saying it is going to suck based on trailers and hype doesn't make any sense.

in 6 hours, i'm going to see Pacific Rim in Avant Premiere (here in Belgium) and i'm counting down every second because for me, i know this movie will be totally awesome !

Wait, this can't be a game based on a movie! Where is all the running endlessly down a trail, turning right, left, jumping up and sliding to survive?!

Do people really buy and play games based on movies BEFORE going to see the damn movie? I can't imagine the story being as good on your phone as it would be in the theater. Why ruin the "plot". I've put the word plot in quotations here because I doubt that this particular movie will have any more plot than it absolutely needs to explain giant robots and explosions.

Guillermo delToro hasn't made a bad movie yet, don't expect this to buck the trend. Now The Lone Ranger-that sucked something fierce.

It is amazing how some people here can pass judgement on a movie before it came out and they didn't see it. The description for the movie does not even give the true story of the movie. And just to be clear when was the last "good" movie that came from Hollywood? Movies in general suck lately and are nothing but CGI crap shoved down our throats.

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