$60 unlocks 800 game titles on Ouya for a year

Ouya, makers of the $99 home video game console that runs on a customized version of Android, is starting to test out a limited time subscription pass. Valued at over $2,000, customers who pay $59.99 will get access to a library of 800 games for a year.

When users sign up for the pilot subscription, which brings a Netflix-like experience to gaming, they will get a code emailed to them that they can redeem on their Ouya console.

"The OUYA All-Access pass applies to one-time purchases under $30, such as full game unlocks and level-pack add-ons," the company said as part of its terms. "In-game purchases that enhance gameplay, and that can be done more than once, such as extra lives, potions, power-ups, etc, are not included."

Anything that is covered by the pass will show up with a $0.00 list price.

Ouya says that this isn't a permanent offer just yet and the company says that the subscription is a time limited offer with limited quantities.

At this time, it may seem that Ouya's promotion may be reactionary to Google's latest Android TV initiative which brings games and access to the Play store to TVs.

Is this something that you're excited about? Would you want Android TV to offer a similar promotion perhaps?

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theintention says:

Stop trying to make Ouya happen. it's not going to happen.

kalo88 says:


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mammlouk says:

But it's so fetch!

kaiser10123 says:

Given up on ouya I want my fire TV I rooted with play store start getting android TV apps, maybe even their launcher and fingers crossed a port of android TV to fire tv

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kaiser10123 says:

I am sure fire TV will get flood of new apps and games and android TV comes out

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ryanmtech says:

my thoughts exactly

Furt says:

This smells of desperation. And the price just doesn't sound good. Pay over half the cost of the ouya to play games on the ouya. Sure, its a year, but maybe $8 a month would have had a better ring to it.

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Chris Ahalt says:

Thats what I've been saying this whole time. They would have been much better off if they offered games with a monthly subscription. $7 a month for games or $12 a month for games and a the latest Ouya every year.

How is $8 a month ($96) better than a one time charge of $60?

TenshiNo says:

Because most people won't actually do the math. How many people really think about how much they spend per year for Netflix, Hulu or Google Play Music All Access? Those are all $8/month and I'd be willing to bet that a lot of people would turn up their nose if asked to pay $60/year instead.

FiretrUCK2k says:

Yes, $96 (12x8)is a lot less than $59.99...

thatguy97 says:

Let it die..... Just let it die

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I owned an Ouya for 2 days. Even did the whole Kickstarter thing. Here's my suggestion. Skip it. I feel sorry for the fella on eBay who bought mine off me. But at least I recovered my investment.

eahinrichsen says:

It's a shame. I was really excited for this thing, because on paper, it's a great idea. I lost interest after hearing the initial reviews, though. I've even seen a couple on Craigslist for $20, and I'm not biting even at that price.

TenshiNo says:

I have one (kickstarter backer) and it's really not a "bad" device. The real problem is the complete lack of compelling games. I think if Ouya had gotten their device officially licensed, so that it could access the Play Store, it would have been a much different story. There are a *ton* of Games on Google Play that I want to be able to play on my Ouya, but I can't, because they're not on the Ouya store. They also *really* should have given the thing more than 4 gigs of internal storage. it is indeed a shame.

Dizfunctions says:

Yeah... This isn't happening.

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crxssi says:

Lack of Play Store pretty much ruined the platform.

TenshiNo says:


ryanmtech says:

I bought one the first day and it was maybe hooked up for a day or two, now it sits behind my xbox collecting dust. just not worth it.

Wookie Claws says:

I'm in the same boat.... It's a nice dust collector.... I'm thinking its good Goodwill donation and tax deduction.

lindseybp says:

This thing was dead in the water when it launched. They are just prolonging the inevitable.

brandogg says:

The Ouya is awesome...if you instal CM11 on it and use it as an HTPC (XBMC, naturally) with an a great gaming library.

thatguy97 says:


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brandogg says:

"when" would be a better choice of words. Not worth the $100 price tag anymore though.

TenshiNo says:

I really need to look into "hacking" mine to see what else it can be used for. I already have a Chromecast and a Media Center PC hooked up to the TV, though. I really wanted to use the emulators, but I can't get the stupid Ouya to read any storage device I plug in to access the ROM's.

xxjdogxx71 says:

Android TV marks the end of the ouya. It just can't compete anymore

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It's all emulators and almost nothing else...