In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman mentioned a few of the retail sales plans for the much anticipated Android console. In addition to Amazon, the Ouya will be available nationwide at Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop stores for $100 this June. Additional controllers will sell for $50 and be available at the same locations.

When asked about sales figures and speculation, Uhrman didn't give a hard number, but felt excited that major retailers were interested in the Ouya, and that this was a good omen for wide consumer appeal. 

We 68,000 backers, and we’ve been selling units every day. The number of orders have grown each month. We haven’t disclosed any numbers. I think it’s fair to say to get established players in the retail space excited about pre-selling OUYA speaks to the excitement in the marketplace. We’ve had 68,000 backers, we have more than that in pre-orders today.

Of course, all this depends on the application catalog. If developers have plenty of great games ready out of the gate like we've heard they will, things should go well for the folks at Ouya, and the retail presence could really drive the inexpensive console's sales. We're looking forward to it all, and think plenty of folks will be excited as June approaches.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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Ouya consoles headed to Gamestop, Target, Best Buy in June with $100 price tag


This is HUGE!!!

Wow. Can hardly believe it.
Havin them giving a hard time to the Big3 isnt just a theory anymore!

They must be freakin the hell out!

It is impressive they are getting in the stores. However, I am not excited AT ALL about this product. It will not use your Android account. It will not have Google Play. It will not run your existing games you purchased. Blah.

If it could do everything a connected Android tablet could do *AND* have the functionality of a game controller with additional non-Play games, that would be great. But as it sits? Blah.

It does have usb ports. If it doesn't natively recognize it, I would think a work around wouldn't take long after launch.

Only way (imho) for this to be successful is for them to get developers to target this box - only way to make it worth THEIR while is to charge $15-25+ per game (or we'll just get a boatload of microtransactions at a slightly lower cost) - then all they have to do is convince the Android game player base to spend more than $4 on a game. Once they are charging over $15 per game they'll have to have games (irrespective of the entry cost of the consoles) that are up to the quality levels we've seen in the independent XBLA such as Journey and Fez.

Hope it works out, but who told them to use "transparent" plastic for the controller ... just screams crappy 3rd party low quality console controller to me.

That is the developers console. The actual console sold in stores in going to be a finished metal I believe? Whatever it is it won't look like that.

Tegra 3 1gb of ram and only 8gb for game space?? Il stick to playing games on my S3 and N4. But for $100 its hard to expect more

I only need a few apps and I'll buy two of these. I'm talking about emulators of course. I don't care if I have to root to get them. Once they are made I'm all in.