NVIDIA has a Shield gaming tablet based on Android coming out very soon. We just saw an image of the device leak yesterday, but today we're getting all the details on the tablet. Ready for an 8-inch 1200p tablet with a Tegra K1 SoC? Yes you are. Read on for full details and specs on the SHIELD tablet.

The upcoming SHIELD Tablet will feature a Tegra K1. It's a new mobile processor from NVIDIA and will be the first system-on-a-chip to include a full cluster of 192 CUDA cores.

Here are the specs you care about:

  • 8-inch, 1920 x 1200 IPS LCD display
  • WiFi + LTE (32GB model) or WiFI only (16GB storage) model
  • MicroSD card support (up to 128GB)
  • Stylus support
  • 4K Ultra-HD ready

Shield Tablet

Hit up the source link for all the specs.

The SHIELD Tablet is expected to be announced on July 22. It will then be available for customers in the United States and Canada on July 29, followed by Europe on August 14. Other regions will get the SHIELD tablet sometime in fall 2014.

There are two models of the SHIELD tablet. The WiFi + LTE model will come with 32GB of onboard storage and cost $399. While a WiFI only model is available with 16GB of onboard storage for $299. The SHIELD controller will set you back $59.

Anyone interested in a gaming focused tablet running Android? Sound off below and let us know which model you'll be picking up.

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NVIDIA SHIELD gaming tablet allegedly coming July 29, starting at $299


Stylus support? As in, not those capacitive things, but a specialized one? That'd be awesome. Either way, this is looking pretty damn sweet for a decent price.

It's something they call Directstylus. I think it's a capacitive pen with some method to "measure" how hard you're pressing. The YouTube videos seems to show that you can't rest your palm on the screen like you can with Wacom pens.

It has palm rejection, at least the directstylus on the Tegra Note 7 does and I don't see why they'd get rid of it.

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Not that excited. Still waiting for the Shield to become the console killer they told us it was going to be... Right next to the Ouya...

It'll play just about every video game from the late 70's to the mid 90's... that's good enough for me :) If the LTE one had 3gb of RAM instead of 2, I'd probably replace my Tab Pro with it.

I really like the look of this. I have the LG G Pad now and I don't play heavy games on Android so I am not sure it would be worth it to me. It would almost be a side grade since the Tegra processor is kind of overkill for my needs. I play emulators mostly. Basically, are the front facing speakers enough of a reason for me to go to the trouble of selling my GPE LG G Pad... Hmmm...

I did own the Shield and nVidia has been great with updates so I am not worried about that.

I got it with 16 gb. It's relly enough for all my needs since I play medium intense games, etc magic, dungeon Hunter 4 etc. And I got a 64 micro SD card for my music n movies. It's really worth it for the price and it runs smoothly. Really great purchase for me since I was on a tight budget back then.

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It's also a full overpowered Android tablet, so why can't it be an iPad replacement?

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Are you saying a gaming tablet can't do things a regular tablet can?

That's like saying a gaming PC can't do regular PC tasks, even though it's a PC with high-performance components.

This looks really nice good price too. But I may pass it up and wait for the iPad air 2 as my first tablet. I do have a mac and it would be great for it especially since ios 8 and 10.10 is coming out in the fall.

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Not bad. Though i will probably get the nexus 8. Just because its going to be cheaper and getting updates in a timely manner and Android L to be called whatever its called.

I was completely sold until I saw that I need to pay for an LTE upgrade for the 32GB model. I don't need LTE on a tablet.

For a gaming focused tablet to even have a 16GB storage option is ridiculous since some games can take up 2 gigabytes or more. Sure there's MicroSD, but unless Nvidia modifies it so you can install apps to SD, even 32GB could get cramped. That's one thing the iPad has over Android. They may price gouge you on additional storage, but at least there's the option for additional onboard storage to install apps on.

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Nvidia I believe have a cloud based service for games on their shield which would probably be applied here. I may be wrong though so if I am please correct me.

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I REALLY wish they would do a 64GB without LTE SKU. I'd happily pony up $399 for that.

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I like it! Looks very nice. If I didn't already have a PS Vita and a 2013 Nexus 7, I'd pick one up in a heartbeat. Still might, depending on reviews.

Nice, 192 GPUs, for $40 you could install a 64 GB micro SD and use move to SD card, seems to work fine on my sisters Note 1, with a 32 GB micro SD card, including for the apps. But I will probably wait, for a 64 bit, with QHD, I'd love a UHD, but having just bought a $300 Nexus 10 QHD, as well as a UHD TV for $600 and a $470 Nexus 5 FHD, 32 GB, I'm kinda taped out at the moment, (Australian dollars.)

Awesome news.However I think the controller should be included.I also read that controller works over your local wi fi network and not Bluetooth.Which will suck when away from home base.It did state gamepad could be connected via a cord.Great 4 things I have to keep track of when you include charger.But having said this I definetly want one.I hope they offer a trade in program for the very nice original shield.

Hopefully they come out with a refreshed version of the original shield as well. For sure they are trying to appeal to a broader market with a tablet but they lose portability that the original provides. I'll still wait till initial reviews come out though before deciding.

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