Combine Flappy Bird and Threes (the iOS game that's been cloned a thousand times on iOS and Android but came to us as 2048), and this is what you get. Pure, unadulterated evil. And we love it.

Download: Flappy48


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The most evil game we've played this week


See I don't mind this, the developer is playing of the fact that they are blatantly copying from what is popular. Actually pretty funny.

I kept it on my device for all of the amount of time it took to open. Crashes consistently on the first tap. Apparently it was made to be a gag, not stable.

this game is ridiculously easy. coming from someone who scored 200 on flappy birds. the spaces inbetween each wall are too big, it makes it boring.

For someone never heard of "threes" what client should I download? Is there a official? Or should I download one of them that's named 2048? Are they the same? Halp

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