It began, as many things do with an idea -- I was in NYC for #TM13, along with all our Mobile Nations site editors, Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, and Daniel Rubino, Rene Ritchie, and Georgia, and we had Martin Reisch and his RED Scarlet 4K camera. So, we figured "why not shoot the Monday Brief in 4K!". And therein began the longest Odyssey in Monday Brief history.
The shooting itself went pretty well, with Georgia and myself kicking things off, and Kevin doing his best to finish the show with a bang. Then things started getting complicated. Turns out it takes a long, long, long time edit and render 4K video, and a really long time to upload it. Even longer when things go weird along the way.  In any case, we got it all sorted now and as such we bring you, the Monday Brief ... on a Wednesday.

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    Monday Brief: On a Wednesday!


    I'm happy to say that was worth the wait..but seeing everyone together made me really curious about TM13. Let's go!

    This is a great Monday (Wednesday) Brief guys. Love seeing everyone together. Looking forward to Mobile Nations [Too Much] 2013

    No kidding. Get a reflector for the light from the adjacent window, at least. I am an amateur and even I know basics like that.

    It should be marked with NSFW too, if your boss walks in and you are watching a video of two girls, on a couch, in the dark, there WILL be assumptions...

    That 4K camera is no joke. That was the clearest real feel depth video I have ever seen. You and Georgia made me wish for more Girls Gone Gadget.

    Was well worth the wait!

    TM 13 "The Mobile 13" a morning talk show hosted by Ashley Esqueda tackling the hard hitting issues in the mobile world. Its like Maury, but for your Phones.

    Are you cheating on your OS with another phone and want to break the news we'd love to hear your story Please give us a call at 1-800-MOB-NATN.

    Sir, you just gave me the biggest laugh all month from AC. Thank you kindly! I am all over that opportunity at the end :-P

    For those of you being smartasss', this type of photography is known as contre-jour, yes like the game. Which means "against daylight", you might want to Google that before lip flapping.