Lego Fusion

The boffins at Lego seem to understand that it is getting harder for kids to tear their eyes away from a tablet or a smartphone (Angry Birds Epic anyone?), which is why they're introducing a new series of game sets that allows you to translate real world brick building to a digital medium.

Dubbed Lego Fusion, the game sets come with 200 pieces and include a special Fusion Capture Plate on which the facades can be built. You can build any 16-bricks-wide by 16-bricks-tall facades, as long as all structures feature a floor and are built on the Capture Plate.

After building the facade, you can use the Lego's apps camera function to capture it. The translation of the real-world facade into a digital medium is accomplished by Qualcomm's Vuforia, which is what powers the Fusion Capture Plate.

Initially, Lego is offering four game sets: Lego Fusion Town Master, Lego Fusion Battle Towers, Lego Fusion Create & Race and Lego Fusion Resort Designer. Each set focuses on a different element of play that Lego has identified as being of interest to children.

According to Ditte Bruun Pedersen, senior design manager at Lego's Future Lab, children do not differentiate between the physical and the virtual modes of play. "To them, it's not two separate worlds. It's one world that blends together. It's all just play."

Pedersen stated that the Fusion game sets, which do not come with any build instructions, foster creativity in children. "For most kids, if you simply give them a pile of bricks and tell them to build something, they go blank." This is where the virtual game comes into play. The objectives in the game allow kids to build interesting structures on their own.

The Town Master, Battle Towers and Create & Race game sets will be launching this August, while the Resort Designer set will be available in stores a month after that. The physical game sets will cost $34.99, but the accompanying apps will be free to download. Lego has stated that it will be debuting Android and iOS apps once the game kits are close to launch.

Any of you guys interested in the idea?



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Lego's Fusion bridges the divide between virtual and physical gameplay


My kid (11 years old) loves Minecraft. Lego has some Minecraft sets that retail for that same price. The Minecraft world on her iPod is already far larger than these.

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My kids love Lego's and minecraft. Combining them will be fascinating.

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The key to this is for them to include ALL sets moving forward. If my kids get a LEGO The Hobbit: the battle of five armies set they should be able to import those bricks and characters into the app. think of it as skylanders meets minecraft.

"For most kids, if you simply give them a pile of bricks and tell them to build something, they go blank."
Really? Since when?

yea i agree with you i grew up with legos and some of the best times i had were building different things without the instructions.

The quote falls short out of context, although I agree that a kid who can't come up with at least a couple of ideas for a pile of blocks just has severely stunted imagination. What the rep was trying to suggest tho, is that these sets give you some goals over what to build, something the AC article doesn't explain at all. Apparently you can build a series of building facades and they all get translated into the same virtual world or city that you slowly build up, hence the goal part. If the city needs a firehouse, you build it, scan it, then it's in there. 7-10 age requirement seems kinda high IMO, lots of 6 year olds and some 5 year olds could handle this... But that's probably more about safety than aptitude.

I've said for years that Minecraft is the is this generation's representation of Legos. Unfortunately, I think Lego will have to kick it SEVERAL notches above this to compete in the brave new "virtual" world of play.

...Joe K.

Maybe for older kids, a kid can still start playing with Lego far sooner than he can wrap his mind around Minecraft... Lego has never been shy about embracing technology anyway, they had those sets with programmable motors (as in you could write visual logic for them on a PC) before Android and smartphones were even mainstream.

We were at LegoLand this weekend and bought one of the Fusion game sets expecting to download the app today(8/14), my daughter was so excited about it, she was in a demo of it on Sunday and loved the game.
Little did we know that it has a very limited set of devices that it will run on, none of which we have.
My daughter is crying and I can not fix this. Bad on Lego in my opinion.
Lego needs to make this available to more devices. Check out the device list from the lego support page at before you buy the set or your child may be equally unhappy.