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Google's fun little Android avatar creation tool, Androidify has been updated again in the Android Market. For many though, the biggest issue with the app has appeared since the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Wave after wave of comments report the image we see here all coming from Galaxy Nexus users -- and the odd Nexus S with ICS user -- greeted with the same message. Updating to the latest version released today still didn't make it go away.

Naturally you would expect a Google application to work with the latest and greatest version of the operating system. While searching through the Market comments, one user had suggested a handy little tip to get it working on the Nexus which I thought worth trying.

Head into the settings menu, and find the developer options menu. Inside there, ensure that the "Force GPU rendering" option isn't checked. Head back into Androidify, and all should be well and you can get back to creating your own little Android people. 

With that out of the way, todays update brings fixes to no-asset assets and the rendering of accessories on some devices. The app also now boasts improved memory usage and in some countries we see the addition of carnival assets. No word on which countries they might be though. 

With all this in mind, head on past the break to find yourself the download links. 


Reader comments

Google's Androidify updated, works on Galaxy Nexus with settings tweak


I never understood the point of this App & to force me to tweak my phone's settings to be able to use it on my Galaxy Nexus? WEAK!

Actually, you should never check "force GPU rendering" if you dont know what's going on, because it will cause app to crash

A lot of people like it though, and while it's not ideal to have to mess around to make it work, for some people it's a welcome finding

"Force GPU rendering" shouldnt be checked by default anyway, that is a setting that a user has to select. It is widely known that having that checked will cause issues in many apps that arent configured to run that way so that's a gamble the user takes by checking it.

And three GNEX/XOOM users rejoice (I am assuming at least three people care about this app). This barely qualifies as news.