Gameloft has announced that they have optimized nine of their games for Android TV, announced today at Google I/O. The titles will take advantage of the larger screen real estate of televisions when Android TV launches.

The updated titles are Asphalt 8: Airborne, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, GT Racing 2, Dungeon Hunter 4, Ice Age Village, Modern Combat 4, My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic, Wonder Zoo, and World at Arms. Gameloft says that they have worked closely with Google on the updates to these games.

Games were an important part of the Android TV announcement during today's Google I/O keynote. Games on Android TV will feature support for Google Play Games, including achievements and leaderboards, along with full support for hardware controllers, giving players a similar experience to playing on a home console.

Will you be playing any of these games on Android TV this fall? Sound off below in the comments.


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Gameloft's biggest titles are ready for Android TV


Now I have to buy a new device or TV to get Android TV. Don't sound to cool with that in hand...

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I just bought an amazon fire tv last week . I think i will be returning it and waiting. The whole needing to use amazon store annoys the crap out of me. I want everything in one spot. I even purchased my "free" amazon apps in google play a while back to make things neat. I bought the plex app twice though, since i wanted that right away to try on amazon fire tv. Shame that amazon needs its own store for apps. Google TV looks exciting basically need to see who makes a good box with a controller

I feel your pain but truthfully you dont have to buy anything. I have 3 Google TV devices at home. So I get what your saying but Android TV is a whole other thing. Wish there was some type of buyback program or trade in program. But I doubt that is gonna happen.

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Yes you don't have to buy anything but Im speaking of games in this case. Plex i didnt kind buying on amazon as its one time extra $5 no big deal. But for games I don't want to need the amazon store on my phone to play the game i bought for the fire tv etc. I guess I'll just root and sideload google play and hope all is well, if i decide to keep the fireTV

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Wow that's astonishing I've heard that they also send you a packet of magic beans that when planted grow into a massive beanstalk. My aunt's sister's next door neighbours dog climbed one and now he can talk fluently Swahili.

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I don't have GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas any more however I do have them on Google play. Can't wait to play them on the big screen again.

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