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Gameloft is preparing a zombie-themed run-and-gun game with a Hollywood twist called Zombiewood. A new teaser shows a stuntman wearing a variety of costumes and using a bunch of different weapons to eradicate vast swathes of undead. It looks like the same old in-app purchase model with premium currency is in place, though there's no word if it's going to be free up-front.  In any case, the graphics look solid, and the action, though straightforward, is bound to entice at least a few people. 

Gameloft hasn't made any big official announcement about the game yet since they're busy pimping our Real Soccer 2013 for iOS, so details on Zombiewood are scarce. Over the last week, Gameloft's twitter account has been teasing the game with funny warning posters from the Los Angelas Dept. of Zombie Management, which read like "Check before you shoot - sometimes they're just ugly people", and "Fire is not a toy - flaming zombies are a safety hazard". 

There's no mention of a release date, but with Hallowe'en right around the corner, it can't be too far off. Any takers, or are games that rely on IAPs a deal-breaker? Does the game look like fun, or has the zombie thing been done to, err, death? 


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Gameloft teases Zombiewood, a run-and-gun game for Android


Leave it to Gameloft to yet again use that stupid pay-to-get-anything-decent-in-game method. And even if you can get the best weapons/etc in game without paying it'll take you a LOT of grinding and by then you'll quit the game and not care.

Still could be a fun game though.

1. I hate IAP games.
2. I found zombies boring even before they became a fad.
3. I've long since decided that Gameloft can make nice graphics but is no good at designing fun gameplay.

So um yeah I'm skipping this one. :)

IAP model is RUINING the game industry. Not just on mobile either. Now it is the NORM on XBL that in order to get new weapons, vehicles, levels and even fricking COSTUMES that they are all DLC from the market place.

Game company motto: "Greed is good."