Gameloft teases more details about Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft has unveiled more details about its upcoming military shooter, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The title and certain story details were revealed last month, but now we have some information on two new major features: unified progression and character classes.

Blackout features the same basic structure as previous Modern Combat game, with a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode. But where past games have kept those two completely separated from one another, Blackout will have the modes interact just a bit. Unified progression will see your experience transfer between solo and mulitplayer modes. So if you reach level five in the campaign, then decide to play in a multiplayer match, you'll find that your character is at level five in multiplayer. This unification includes weapons mastery.

The four soldier classes of Modern Combat 5 have been announced. The Assault class is a medium range fighter that uses assault rifles and pistols. The Heavy, a resilient close-to-medium range class, equips shotguns and RPGs. The Recon class focuses on quick strikes at close range using submachine guns and pistols. Finally, the Sniper class specializes in long-range sharpshooting with sniper rifles, though they can use pistols if they need to.

Gameloft says that they will be rolling out more information about Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the coming weeks.

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wmtoandroid says:

Isn't this game already like 5 months overdue? The MC titles usually launch around the New Year.

DS1331 says:

This game is Impossible to play without a controller. It's pretty much worthless trying to use the on screen pad

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Funny how I've beaten the last 2 episodes using on screen controls. Takes a lil getting used to and effort, but not that bad when you get the hang of it. I've been a PC gamer most of my life and picking up a console controller, when my brother bought me an Xbox 360, I felt like all thumbs at first. But now it's nothing.

wmtoandroid says:

When I was an active player, I'd be consistently at the top of the scoreboards. Depending on what type of screen protector you use, playing with touch controls isn't too bad.

Marco Giunta says:

after a little bit it's not that bad... However, I bought a moga pro and now it's much better ;)

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 7 2013

seanjenkins says:

Can't wait to spend £80 on a machine gun

Posted via Android Central App

element23 says:

You and me both! I plan on saving up and working a couple extra consulting jobs to get a silencer and grip!

tigerchilly says:

£80 for a gun

Nexus 5 black 32gb..recently smashed screen

Andro10 says:

Zzzzzz. After playing in depth shooter games on XBOX... I can never get used to playing them on a mobile device. I end up deleting these storage hogging apps.

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