NOVA 3 Promo

We've already had our first teaser of Gameloft's forthcoming sequel, N.O.V.A. 3, but we've just been given another. This time we're treated to some actual in-game footage, and it looks good. It looks really good. 

There's nothing more in the way of a release schedule for the game, Gameloft still teases that detail is coming soon. In the meantime though, click on past the break, and enjoy. 

Source: Gameloft


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This whole game series is whack anyways!

Bishounen says:

"whack"? :D

Hey, the 1990's called, they want their slang back.

Saneless says:

Why you be illin on his language?

I think it's rad.

glazedfaith says:

Dude, peep this... That cat's straight buggin'.

Godwellz says:

Actually, that is from the 80's and I STILL use it.

jbuggydroid says:

I love these games. They just keep getting better.

N.O.V.A. fan says:

If any of you have played N.O.V.A. ELITE, you might have noticed that it said BETA. Now you will realize by seeing the multiplayer trailer that N.O.V.A. ELITE was a mass beta testing for N.O.V.A. 3, cool right?

Duvi says:

It says May, towards the end of the video. Start @ the 0:55 second mark.

N.O.V.A. fan says:

Yeah and Gameloft almost always releases their games on Thursdays

so... N.O.V.A. 3, MAY, THURSDAY

N.O.V.A. fan says:

We have a confirmed price of$6.99
source: "official rules" link of Gameloft's contest (bottom of first page)

N.O.V.A. fan says:

Scratch the thursday, Gameloft just announced the official release date, May 20th, a Sunday. [for IOS]

himmatsj says:

Yeap, it says May in the video. Methinks they'd make us wait right till the last day of May. Here's hoping my Android tablet will be supported. :)

Looks cool but all three Gameloft games I've purchased in the past (9 MM, MC3, & Backstab) have been mediocre. I think it's mostly due to the poor controls. How do people play at the speed that you see in the videos? Are they using a controller?

7 fissurez says:

I wonder how well this will run..... vehicles imply big maps, and not just marketing "big".
Combining this with the relatively decent looking graphics, I'd like to guess that this will be a pretty heavy game, which you'll probably need the most recent generation of phones to play well.

But then again.... touch screen controls XD

glazedfaith says:

Am I the only one who thinks they might be announcing this in tandem with the next Galaxy "superphone"? Seem like it would work pretty well. They could announce it today with the phone, and it could be available in the coming weeks. Just my guess.

tomjohn22 says:

Will this run on Tegra 2 tablets?