Android TV

One of today's big announcements was all about Android TV. More that the successor to Google TV, Android TV aims to bring all things Google and all things entertainment to your living room in one tiny black box.

The user interface has been greatly improved since our last visit with Google TV, with blocks of content delivered to your screen and everything else just a voice search away. It's something we're all waiting to try, because a little bit of Android mixed in with your favorite movies and TV just might be a way to kickstart a connected home.

One thing's for sure, though, Android TV looks awesome when running content on Unreal Engine 4.

Nicholas from Epic Games was on hand to give us the same demo Sundar and company showed us on stage at the keynote, and seeing it on a 55-inch TV just a few feet away will leave you impressed. Everything is smooth, the lighting and graphics are incredible, and it all went off with nary a flicker or tear. The Tegra K1 inside the Android TV box was built for this sort of thing, and it shows.

Google wants every Android TV manufactured to look and feel the same way. Hardware partners will have to support all the same OpenGL and other graphics extensions, which should lead to a better experience for everyone, as well as an easier time for game developers.

Google seems serious about TV this time, so we're excited to see what's in store.


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Epic Games shows Unreal Engine 4 on Android TV


Can't wait to replace my sony gs7 with one of these bad boys. Though to be honest the unit in the picture looks like it's a firetv box

Yes, this is why I passed on fire TV even though it seems really nice.

The one thing I hope they get is apps like Time Warner Cable, my roku 3 is used in place of a cable box because of that app. Saves me on box rental fees.

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This is exactly why I passed on Fire TV, and for the first time Google did not disappoint, except for it not releasing right now

I have a 4k TV, will it display in 4K?

Also wiill you be able to play local content off these things? i have a 5 yr old WD live tv hub id love to upgrade but if it cant play all my iso's from my ripped bluray collection then i dont see the point, if its just a streamer + games then i'll stick with chromecast and ps4

Google never adds support for FAT or NTFS, so, USB storage is almost certainly a no no. 4k "support" depends completely on each individual manufacturer, though you shouldn't expect them to render a game in 4k. Even the Xbox One or the PS4 can't barely handle 1080p. :)

It's not just a streamer, it's also a device you can use independently from any external device, unlike the ChromeCast.

ARGH. Too many new things! I want the Moto 360 and Android TV, and I'm really eager to see what Moto has in store for the X update and then there's also the upcoming Nexus or whatever tablet being designed by HTC.

It looks like they are going to space these out so you can buy both. Moto 360 very soon, and then Android TV this fall.

Did you guys see the stunt Apple tried to pull yesterday and today on ABC, and with Good Morning America? They knew Android T.V. was coming and they decided that it was time to have a news story praising and celebrating Apple T.V. lol, it was bad. THey boasted how this (abc news) was the first dedicated news channel on the system! The First new channel in 7 years?! lol Apple T.V has been out for 7 years and still isn't a mainstream product, or even worth buying for anyone not kowtow-ing to the Apple ecosystem. Apple you are pathetic.

Now I can't decide. I was planning on getting the PlayStation TV but since this came out I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You should just wait until fall, if not winter, and then decide. Being an early adopter of either probably won't pay off.

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Standardizing the implementation so you don't end up with something like Sony's Google TV remote and attacking from multiple angles so there's a higher chance people end up with a compatible device is all well and good... But having one flagship device that's an easy sell would be a lot better. Where's the $50-150 Android TV box? I think it's kinda curious they're making such a big deal about it before there's any shipping hardware while at the same time pursuing Chromecast improvements and new features. Then again, it's a dev conference so...

So, is the androidTV an actual "box" or is it to be integrated in TVs? Listened to TWIT, and they seemed to think it was NOT a box. So, is it?