The Samsung Galaxy Tab is quite the (expensive) device and is on nearly ever carrier imaginable, and people are looking for any and every way to maximize their use of the device. What better way to ensure you are equally as productive on your new Galaxy tab as your computer then to add a separate mouse and keyboard to the device to make navigation even easier. Check the video after the break to see it all come together in action. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Enhance your Galaxy Tab experience by adding Bluetooth keyboard, mouse


I think its reasonably priced. It had more functionality than an ipad and its $30 less. The wifi only version will be right at $500.

And yes, the bluetooth keyboard would make this thing marvelous. If anyone hasn't tried it, they need to. Samsung one again made a fantastic product. I am completely happy with my epic, and the galaxy tab is just as responsive..... Wait, except for the browser. It laaaaaaaags. I think is because of flash. Makes the experience almost unbearable.

You don't browser with flash on full blast. You go into the settings and set it to "On-Demand" that way only flash content you click on, will play.

Can you elaborate? I have an HTC DINC, Froyo 2.2, using pre-installed browser. I went under settings in both the browser and from the home screen, but did not see the option to set flash on-demand. Thanks!

Edit: Got ahead of myself with the 2.3 version...

This post is assuming people are buying this tab... are they?? It seemed the consensus was we're all waiting for a 10" tab. I know I am!

I bought the Tab. Had no interest in a 10" version, I felt it to be too large and unwieldy. I think the 7" size is pretty much perfect for one-handed browsing and carrying around.

Anyway, I paired my MS 5000 Bluetooth mouse and Apple Mini-keyboard to my Tab, works great! It was pretty awesome to see a mouse cursor pop up as soon as the mouse paired.

I might have jumped on this, but when I heard that it was being released sans Tegra 2 and then I heard the price it was a no go.

You realize that Tegra 2 is actually benching slower than a Hummingbird, especially in the graphics department, right?

There's a reason there's nothing really shipping that's worth a damn with the Tegra in it. Nvidia has a lot of work to do to do.

Why do so many people want to hook up keyboards to their phones? I want my phone to be the keyboard via Bluetooth for my PS3 and PC. 3rd party apps that install an app on your pc and your phone dont count imo.

It's nice to have the option. Unlike a laptop, where you don't have the option to leave the keyboard behind.

Ridiculous. If you don't need a physical keyboard 98% of the time, then why would you carry around a larger, heavier device just to have one?

Anyone want to buy a netbook by the way?

Maybe the next version will have a fold-out keyboard. It will be called the laptop! I think the technology vortex just collapsed on itself!

I agree with leathernuts on this one. (did I just say that?)
Seriously though, there goes the portability! Why not just use your laptop if you're going to carry around a seperate keyboard and mouse. Makes no sense to me.