Scrabble for Android

EA's official Scrabble game (the one we first told you about last week) has just been released. (If for some reason you've managed to get this far in life without ever playing Scrabble, you get seven letters from which to make words on a board. Letters have different point values, and there are bonus spaces on the board. You take a turn making a word, then your opponent takes a turn. Most points wins.)

Scrabble for Android Until now, we've had to make do with a couple of relative good non-Scrabble games -- Words with Friends and Word Feud. But this one's the officially branded real deal.

So how's it stack up? We've been playing Scrabble for Android for a few minutes now. You'll want to turn off the elevator music, and the game animations are slower than we'd like to see. And we could really do without the between-turn ads in addition to the banner at the bottom of the screen. We can't decide if it's better or worse that EA's pimping its other titles here -- it's almost better when we know we're being served ads we'll never in a million years want to click on.

Other than that, gameplay's pretty good. The board scales up nicely. You're told a word's point title as you place the letters. There are buttons to shuffle the tiles, bring up a dictionary (nice!), or a "teacher" button that basically cheats and shows you the word you should have played instead of that four-letter noun that only bagged 5 points.

You can play against a friend who also has the app, or an anonymous opponent.

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EA's official Scrabble game is released


This is a very big download....18.60MB. No option to move to my SD card. :-( Glad I got the EVO 3D, so I have space....but it would be nice to move it over.

FYI, I didn't see the download links, but if you search for SCRABBLE Free, you'll find it!

So, it took over 10 mins to download, using 3G. UI looks great. I like that I can play iPhone users & Facebook users....(I'm thinking that means computer players using their Facebook ID).

Would love to try it, but it won't recognize wimax as an internet connection. I could turn off wimax yes, but if the app can't see it, it isn't worth my time.

I'm right there with you. This isn't the first app I've run across that doesn't work on Wimax, I could understand if this was the only wimax phone having this issue, but it's been a year now and there are 5 (I think) phones plus the EVO View 4G, so this shouldn't happen.

Why not release a paid version? I quit playing WWF because of the constant ads. Running across the bottom of the screen is one thing, popping up between turns is just annoying and off putting. Until I can play an uninterrupted game, i won't bother.

"...that basically cheats and shows you the word you should have played instead of that four-letter noun that only bagged 5 points."

Well, you're supposed to do that along side another word to make 2, 3, or 4 words in the process.

WTH!? Is that why I can't DL'd it to my Transformer? I am not going to play this on my phone... That is BS.

Only seems to allow 2 player games despite the other platforms supporting
3 and 4 player games, the authentication with the multiplayer services also
seems pretty broken too. Very slow, crashed while attempting to show me an ad,
bleh, needs to be a lot better.

you clicked on the market link i assume?

I'm wondering if they are considering this warez if i were to post a .apk for a free app?!?!

Mod? admin? site leader???

I'd like a link to the apk as well, please. For some reason, the market says my Samsung Replenish is not compatible.

Another typical US site not giving the full story, fed up of these over the past few days. This is not available outside the US at the moment, nice of them to let us know (yet again)!

In Phil's defense, the app doesn't state US only anywhere in the description, so he would have no way of knowing that it doesn't work outside of the US.

Wow. Great interface, seems to have a lot of potential. BUT, a few things:

1)It doesn't work over Sprint's 4G.
2)The ads in between turns are obnoxious.
3)When the opposing player makes a move it "rejoins" the game.

It needs some polishing up, but could easily take the cake out of the other word games out there.

I can't create a user because on the Motorola XPRT, it won't let me enter numbers for my email address. It doesn't recognize when I hit the shift button.

The game installed to my SD card in response to a post above.

I hope they release a paid ad free version, this is basically the same ad layout as WWF, which is annoying. I can also confirm it's broken on Sprints WiMax. Looking forward to seeing where this game goes.

Bit of a battery drainer. But in comparison to WWF, it is light years better. Has some nice features and looks really great on my Droid Charge. Wordfeud has a leg up on this as far as usabilty though in my opinion. Not a fan of the Ad sestem here either. I'm sure they will release a paid version once the kinks are worked out.

And will be happy to see the death of WWF and Zynga. That is one helluva crappy app. It runs like I made it, on an Apple 1985

I had previously played using the scrabble app on various other platforms (symbian, windows mobile, webos) in the past. Most of those did not let you play vs other opponents (other than pass & play) but did give you a computer opponent... which I actually enjoyed.

Set on hard, the computer pretty much played the highest possible scoring word each turn. This made it very challenging. Your only recourse (other than cheating like using the "lexical wordfinder" or similar) was that it gave you a suggestion (likewise scoring highest possible) four times per game.... and that when it played, it only took that turn into account. Which is where you really had to make your headway. By that I mean that if it could score one more point and set you up for a triple word score next turn... or score one point less and not give you any such soft serve... it would go for one more point every time. You of course had no such requirement and could... had to, really... use this to its fullest advantage. This made for quite challenging play.

As it stands it is fine... but I have a lot more opponents on words with friends, which, despite not being "official" and having slightly different values (more realistic values in my opinion) for letters.. and a different board layout... I dunno. Just find WWF to be a more polished experience.

A new low in forced view advertising. A different full screen ad interrupts your game after every move forcing you to click a tiny x to get rid of it. Miss that x and look out! You will be clicked through to the advertiser's site. Yeah like I'm going to put up with that for more one game. I don't think so. Uninstalled.

Love the interface and the "teacher" part is cool. I like the point total as you lay down tiles.

However, its really slow. And god forbid you close the app and then need to go back in. I'll stick to wordfeud for now.

Not going to lie, this application sucks.
The full page advertisments are hard to click out of, it takes forever for people to play, and it wouldn't accept my word "Penis" as a word. Total BS.

Can you please start putting the cost of the app or if it's free in the title like you do with your Android Central Editors' app picks each week?

Of course they have to do the same ad attack BS as words with friends. I just hope they dont create a folder on your sd card and store the ads in there like WWF does.

playing with my mother who has an iphone, and logged in on laptop in fb app, so can play grandma who doesn't have smartphone but plays on facebook. went straight to sd card when downloaded. log in was simple logged in when I searched for opponents through fb. samsung fascinate

Installed on Captivate, to SD Card by default, only a 4MB app... runs slick and smooth.. (other than the annoying adds!)

I on my Sensation, and I'm playing against my girlfriend, BUT I still can't get any notifications!!!!!

Any help would be appreciated