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Whovians! I know there is enough of you there, listen up! 

To help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, BBC Worldwide, Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio have now announced a new Doctor Who game for Android and it's all set to arrive on Wednesday, November 27th. Doctor Who: Legacy is the title and it promises to be a a feast for the eyes of any fan.

The 11th (or is it 12th?) Doctor’s regeneration is approaching fast. With decades of epic adventures to draw from, Doctor Who: Legacy is a loving homage created by loyal Whovians, and is rich in the show’s creative legacy and fun. Combining easy to learn, hard to master mechanics with beloved characters and cunning villains, Doctor Who: Legacy will be a treat for fans, casual players and even the most hard-core gamers alike” says Lee Cummings, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Tiny Rebel Games.

The game will feature favorite companions and allies taken from the show and offer players the opportunity to face the Doctor’s most notorious enemies; and relive the Doctor’s greatest triumphs.  Doctor Who: Legacy will launch with episodes and characters from the most recent two seasons of the show.

In the new year, additional free content will be added from Season 5 as the game will go backwards through fifty years of Doctor Who history. Additionally, Doctor Who: legacy will also feature a new score by acclaimed video game composer Chris Huelsbeck as well as the iconic theme song from the show as recorded by Murray Gold. Absolutely fantastic!


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Doctor Who: Legacy - A new free mobile game for Doctor Who fans arriving on Wednesday


OK I will geek out.

Day of the Doctor was awesome. I am going tonight to see it at the theater. I wasnt going to shell out the money, but I want to see it in 3D.

BTW, the war doctors incantation counts and was necessary unlike what most of the internet says. McGanns just would not have cut it as a War Doctor and it was a nice bridge between him and Eccleston. Now there is a regret, no matter the differences that they had, Eccleston should have been in the 50th. I know it was his choice but still....

Eccleston is still my favorite of the modern Doctors. I'm not sorry to see the end of Matt Smith, far too twee, though that's largely the writers' fault.

I liked Smith but your right about his character. Personally I liked tenet more than Eccleston

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

That was his choice but I agree

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

If you watched Day of the doctor then Moffat's explanation about John Hurt not being another incarnation of the Doctor makes no sense at all. I hope the game will be more consistent.

What he said, and what i think are two different things. I know what Moffett said, but it is a bit of be imho

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

When am I? I wonder if this means that Google is going to get around to adding that Tardis functionality? I am excited for this, I hope it's a worldwide release and not just the UK.

Well they sure took their sweet time getting the episode onto Google Play. So long in fact that I just gave my money to Amazon instead.

After watching the 50th anniversary show, this is the best news of the day. (Unless of course the vzw moto x or lg g2 were to sell for less than 400 bones off Cant wait! Any word on whether its going to be free or not?

Executive Producer for Doctor Who: Legacy here, Susan Cummings --- yes, it is free to play! Thanks for the enthusiasm guys, we're so excited to get the game out and hope you love it as much as we do.

But which Doctor will we play as? I'm guessing not #10, which is a bummer. Tennant broke our hearts when he left, and we're not any closer to mending after all this time.

So just came back from the movie theater. and for those of you that didnt watch it in 3d, you missed a lot. im not a 3d fan, but this was just amazing, i mean strax;s message or the post credit interviews or even the doctors introducing the movie (and to my zygon neighbor) was well worth. now a day to soak it all in and then download this.

I saw Day of the Doctor in 3D (Real 3D) last night. The 3D effects were good, but not quite as good like when I have gone to the IMax 3D films of Tron: Legacy or Pacific Rim.

I'm not quite sure what the confusion is of the numbers of Doctors. When, at the end, they cut to the High Council, they say there are 13 Doctors around Galifrey (just before the tiem freeze).

Smith and Tennant just prior to that scene both regard Hurt as a Doctor, even though he scoffs at first-- he accepts it.

Good fun though!

I haven't been able to find this in Google Play. Anyone else have better luck?

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