Disney's Tap Tap Revenge

Disney has announced that they are bringing a trio of apps to Android devices. Tap Tap Revenge is the clear highlight, but Jelly Car and Disney Radio shouldn't be overlooked either. Disney said that they had been awaiting in-app purchases to port Tap Tap Revenge over and the games will be available later this spring once in-app purchases launch for the Android Market. They also mentioned that Tap Tap Revenge would run on any Android device with 2.1 Eclair or higher. [Android Central Liveblog]


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Disney bringing Tap Tap Revenge, other games to Android


Jobs is also a fairly practical man, despite the emphasis Apple puts on design and the amount of time it spends on pointless endeavors (like the 8 months it's taken to nail down just the right shade of white on the iPhone 4)... Android's already a cash cow, and porting some of Disney's big games to the market before the competition (EA, etc.) is a smart way to milk it. That's all this is...

I'll probably buy Tap Tap if I see some nice song selections, I had it on my iPod touch but never played it much because the songs the original came with were 'meh'.