At E3 2013, we got some time with Ninja Theory, who's been working on their first mobile title called Fightback. These guys made the latest Devil May Cry game, which is part of a well-respected console action series, so it was pretty exciting to see what they'd be able to do on Android.

Fightback is straightforward (but gorgeous) beat-em-up where players have to tap and swipe their way through waves of 80s-era goons within a limited timeframe. If things get tight, you can always bust out the guns to clear a wave, but depending on your weapon and upgrades, you'll have to wait on your reload time to use them again. 

The game is high on style, and though there are plenty of unlockables to kit out your badass hero, the vast majority of those unlocks have real game benefits; even the tattoos you get will provide cash bonuses for each level. Though the controls are very simple, enemies with different attack patterns, use of melee weapons, and the race against the clock keeps things interesting and fast-paced. 

Fightback will be punching Google Play right in the face sometime this summer and will be free-to-play. In the meantime, you can check out more screenshots and video over here.

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Devil May Cry developer leaps into mobile with 80s-style beat-'em-up game


Rare any more to get upgrades with points, now you need coins or jewels that you can't earn by playing levels over and over again, IAP's are annoying. The worst games are the ones that won't let you advance to the next level unless you buy.

"These guys made Devil May Cry, a well-respected console action series" isn't strictly true, it's only the latest installment they made, and it annoyed all the fans of the series.

Not a glowing recommendation...

To be fair the game itself is good if put on its own merits. If it was its own game and not a part of the series then it would have been much more well received.

DMC was a good game though. As was heavenly sword and Enslaved. Good developer, just need to reference the right credentials

Annoyed some fans yes. Not all fans. At first DMC irritated me because they rebooted the series. They changed the story, voice actors, all the looks of the characters etc etc. I picked up a copy and holy crap was it awesome. I love it way more than the old Devil May Cry games now. It also didn't hurt that most reviewers liked it a lot.

Haha yeah I was just thinking SoR 2 is the bomb so I'd stick with that.

This tablet game is interesting but I don't think you can sink your teeth into it.