Touch optimized and free to play — coming soon from Gameloft

John P. and Simon Sage have a look at Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War, a coming title from Gameloft. The game will be free to play with in-app purchases, and features excellent touch-control optimization.

From what we can see in the demo, this one should be great. Hopefully we have a chance to try it soon on some of the super hardware we know is coming.

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Wobblin30 says:

Touch optimization looks nice! Hopefully in-app-purchases are few and far between.

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JaylanPHNX says:

F Gameloft and their buggy crap! I've uninstalled three of their top games due to glitches that completely stopped any progress in the game (i.e.goals disappearing). Screw their schlock.

thatguy97 says:

it going to be IAP hell for consumers

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seanjenkins says:

Free to play. So no thanks. Would pay about a fiver, but this will undoubtedly cost about a ton to progress

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Amazins71 says:

Free to play, huh... Free to download and then you pay with in app purchases. I rather pay for the download the game.

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Linh321 says:

Looks good i really am skeptical about the interface though... Would that make the game easier to beat rather than a challenge?

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pre1561 says:

Gameloft sucks. There games IAP's are not affordable, & most of there games you have to pay to continue playing. And then they don't play very well.

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