Touch optimized and free to play — coming soon from Gameloft

John P. and Simon Sage have a look at Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War, a coming title from Gameloft. The game will be free to play with in-app purchases, and features excellent touch-control optimization.

From what we can see in the demo, this one should be great. Hopefully we have a chance to try it soon on some of the super hardware we know is coming.


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Touch optimization looks nice! Hopefully in-app-purchases are few and far between.

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F Gameloft and their buggy crap! I've uninstalled three of their top games due to glitches that completely stopped any progress in the game (i.e.goals disappearing). Screw their schlock.

Free to play. So no thanks. Would pay about a fiver, but this will undoubtedly cost about a ton to progress

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Free to play, huh... Free to download and then you pay with in app purchases. I rather pay for the download the game.

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Looks good i really am skeptical about the interface though... Would that make the game easier to beat rather than a challenge?

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Gameloft sucks. There games IAP's are not affordable, & most of there games you have to pay to continue playing. And then they don't play very well.

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