Galaxy Nexus

Canadian carrier Bell has plopped up on its site that it's getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Dec. 8.

For our American readers, that strange sentence you just read above indicates that the carrier knows when it will release the phone and has announced said date to the public. Pretty cool, ain't it?

Source: Bell


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Canada's Bell getting the Galaxy Nexus on Dec. 8


lol, it's like a joke or something.... Too bad Verizon basically has a death grip on Wireless service in my area... i really hate them.

I feel like there is some big wig at Verizon laughing hysterically while swimming in 100,000 Galaxy Nexi that he had dumped in his in-ground pool at his house. That's what this feels like.. lol

Verizon makes so much money that they no longer care. Sorta like Jerry Seinfeld.... they have both made so much money that they no longer want to associate with the little people.

How easy it is to forget it's the little people that made them their money.

I am really struggling with this, I thought for sure I would have my Nexus by now. I am going to switch from Sprint to Verizon for this phone and because LTE is available in the city I work in.

lol not Exactly

Rogers = GSM , HSPA , LTE
BEll = HSPA(+) , LTE, CDMA

GSM and HSP are similar but not ALL GSM phones work on HSPA so it wrong to say they are the same.

The part that is hard for me to get my head around when it comes to these "testing bugs" is; why does it feel as though these bugs are discovered so late in the game?
Does anyone here know what the VZW testing process is? I can't imagine they get all these devices shipped to them, then decide to see if they work or not. It just doesn't seem logical. I can't imagine Google would release ICS with so many bugs either...
Is it possible the delay is because VZW people can't get all their bloatware to function properly on ICS?

The bugs may not be with ICS but with how the phone works with Verizon's LTE network. The network is still having issues with all it's 4g phones...

Frustrating, indeed. While Verizon has a pretty good grip on the service in my area, I'm definitely ditching them if they don't announce something this week--which, considering the holiday, would be tomorrow or Wednesday. First they pull this crap with the Bionic and now the GN. Considering how poorly they treat their customers that only want to plan ahead, I'd say that they don't deserve to even have those customers.

Thing is, they'll never notice. We really need to orchestrate a mass abandonment of VZW to have any impact--which will never happen ;)

I just wish those idiots at Verizon would get their heads out of whatever dark, dark place that they've stuffed them for this past month.

I'm wondering if they're going to push it to just over three months past the release date of the Bionic, to prevent those of us who purchased Bionics from Costco from exchanging our phones...

Are you sure that's the Costco policy? At my Costco, it doesn't work that way. I read the agreement very carefully and it works like this:
You have 14 days to return the phone for a money refund. Completely undos the transaction. You have 3 months to exchange it for a new one of the same model.

Sorry that you got a Bionic. I had one for two weeks are returned at the end. If I were you, I would follow the formal processes for escalating it with Verizon and get out of that disaster.

From the Costco website:

"'s return policy for any Wireless Advocates merchandise obtained through this website is 90 days from the original date of purchase. You must ship your merchandise back to Wireless Advocates for a full refund."

I checked the policy in the store carefully before I made my purchase, and it said exactly the same thing (except for the shipping bit).

My experience with Costco cell phone kiosks has been that the first 14 days is the only unquestioned exchange period. After that, you are locked into contract with Verizon. Then for defective phones only, you can exchange for the same phone model for up to 90 days.

While I am sure there are several that will disagree with me, I don't think that the delays or debacles that Verizon has caused with recent releases is enough to leave them.

You're paying your carrier for the service they provide, not the phones they release, or at least I am hoping this is the case. Verizon continues to offer the best coverage and their customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Sure, this comes at a price that can be substantially higher than some of the other carriers, but I still feel it can be justified.

I want the Nexus just as bad as everyone else, but I am not willing to jump ship from my carrier simply because the phone I want isn't out yet and my DInc will probably be running ICS before I ever get my Nexus.

Is this release a CDMA or GSM? I still wonder if there is some problem with LTE and the Nexus. And if so, I would be glad that they are waiting for the release until all is well. But honestly, like everyone else here, I don't know squat on why this phone has not been released.

However, I still insist that it makes no sense for Verizon to hold up a phone that will increase their customer base and get a large number of new contracts without unlimited data on their books. That is, unless there are problems that need to be fixed and if they weren't the same people screaming about not being released would be raising hell about a problem that should have been fixed before release.

To me, better battery life far outweighs the higher theoretical bandwidth of LTE.

The 21 Mbps limit of hspa+ is more than enough for a phone... It's higher than what most people have at home... What good is it to have a super fast connection if it kills the battery when used? Perhaps down the line when less power hungry LTE radios are available it will be worth it, but in its current state, I think we're better off with hspa+ IMHO.


you can now call BELL to PRE ORDER your NEXUS , dont wait to long :)

36month term ONLY (see image bellow)

and it SHIPS out on DECEMBER 7th ( so u can get it as early as Dec 7 NIGHT


Does anyone know if this version will work on T Mobile?? If it does...where would updates to the OS come from??

enough with the Nexus/Android 4.0 crap already. if they EVER wanted to copy something from Apple, it should be marketing strategies and how to keep your consumers happy. by the way, I am pro Android.... just tired of how this is being handled.