David Beckham for the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung's teasing it on its Facebook page today, but the full advert's already leaked out on Twitter -- David Beckham's doing his thing for Samsung and the Galaxy Note. Some folks in the forums have opined that we're looking at a "new" Galaxy Note (and indeed the "new Galaxy Note with "Premium Suite" upgrade" is mentioned, but it  more to us like Samsung's just promoting that "Premium Suite" upgrade that includes Ice Cream Sandwich and started pushing recently. The description on the teaser points to something going down May 22, so stay tuned. (Our guess: More with the Olympic torch, which Becks helped welcome to the UK today.)

We've got the teaser and the full video after the break. Check it out before it gets pulled.

Via AT&T Galaxy Note forums

David Beckham teaser

Full advert


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Beckham bending it for the Samsung Galaxy Note, London Olympics


The longer video says, at the end, "Experience the New Galaxy Note with the Premium Suite upgrade".

This appears to indicate two different things?

I am not an expert at this kind of stuff, but the fact they pulled it so quickly has to indicate that it's more than just an advertisement for the Premium Suite?

Btw, if you had a chance to see the 1:24 minute video, the device in that commercial was not as wide as the original Note IMO.