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No self-respecting boy (and probably a few girls, too) has never thought about driving a tank. Closest most of us can get to doing it, though, is in a video game. And that brings us to Tank Hero. It's a cool little shooter -- you've got a tank, you need to destroy the other tanks. The maps (at least in the initial levels -- remind me a lot of the old Gauntlet game. (Speaking of which -- need that on Android, ASAP!) Anyhoo. You can unlock more maps as you progress through the campaigns. There's also survival and timed modes.

Gameplay is simple. There's a D-pad on the left with which you'll direct your tank. (You can also try a janky swiping control if you want.) Tap the enemy tanks to fire at them (and note how you can do bank shots off one wall). But that's where the trouble begins. If the tank's on the left side of the screen, it's an awkward reach with right hand. Or you have to let off the D-pad with your left hand. That's no good.

Otherwise, Tank Hero's a little slice of fun. And, even better -- it's free. Give it a whirl. Download links are after the break.


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Android Game Review: Tank Hero


Ohh, THIS game! This is from the Wii! Pretty fun on the Wii too, although it's kind of more fair; if you get hit once, you're dead (I believe), just like your opponents.

I've tried this on my Transformer. It is much more fun and playable on my Droid X. It is too hard to reach around on the big tablet.

Cool. Been enjoying this for a long time, but I think when I got my Tab10.1 it only made a little window so I never tried again on there. It is great on the Nexus one using track ball and reaching across the screen to fire with a finger on other hand isn't a stretch. Some games just work better on a phone (burn the rope, fruit slice, air control, anything requiring much rotation or finger range), but I will have to try on the Tab again anyway

The swipe-and-tap controls are, in my opinion, the only way to play this game. If the enemy tanks are on the left, you can simply use your right thumb to steer (swipe) and your left thumb to tap on the enemy tanks. And yes, this game is addictive/fun!

Been playing this game on both my phone and tablet.
When you want to hit tanks on the left or right and there is a wall, you do a billiards kind of shot. bounce the bullet off the wall and hit the enemy tank.

The levels get harder at 16 or 17 and I have not been able to finish world 1 yet.

I loved this game back in the day on the ATARI 2600. It was called Combat. Except that Combat also gave the option to battle by plane. Now we just need Pitfall and I'm a happy camper.