Prism 3D

Prism 3D is a great game that uses your Android phone's accelerometer to track a beach ball as it bounces down a set of 3D tiles, and your goal is to keep it from falling by the wayside.  It's way harder than it sounds, which to me is a big plus as it keeps the replay value high.  The game has beautiful graphics, is incredibly smooth on my Nexus One (I can only imagine it on a Galaxy S or Droid X), and entertaining as all get-out.  Add in an infinite mode for you guys who are good at this one, and a level editor for those of us who aren't, and I think you have a real winner here.

After the break there's a video of the game in action, and the download link, check this one out! [Hyperbees] Thanks Nicole!


YouTube link for mobile viewing

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No free trial version? Fail.

$2.28 going to break the bank Big Spender dude?

This is Android, not iPhone. You don't like it delete it in 24 hours for a refund.

Not all of us have access to paid-for apps in the market.

Game looks great! Thanks for the video. I'll definitely check it out.

Domn.. This game it's so cool.. I've been playing it for a while now , and it just great.. The graphics are the vie ever seen on android ,..

Installs to the sd card by default for us main memory tight phone owners.

Haha I love Jerry's reviews. His voice never fails to remind me of Andy Richter, so I imagine Andy Richter is always reviewing my Android stuff for me. He & Conan should definitely review Android games on youtube. :P