Dead End

There's two things that I love -- killing zombies, and being happily unproductiveDead End from Infectious Entertainment lets me do both, and does it damn well.  It's a top-down shooter, where you're stuck in a graveyard, facing wave after wave of bloodthirsty zombies.  Here's what Infectious Entertainment says about it:

Zombies have killed your family, eaten your neighbors and destroyed your
city. Blinded by rage and seeking revenge, you go to the one place you know you’ll be able to find the undead……the graveyard. Armed with only a pistol and several grenades, you quickly get yourself lost. Now you must fight your way out of the graveyard or risk meeting the same fate as everyone else.

Fit's pretty well I think.  There's a free and a paid version, with the full version offering more levels, upgraded weapons, achievements and awards, endless mode and even more types of zombies.  We have a link for trial version after the break, as well a a video where you can see just how cool this one is.  Thanks for the heads up Dan!


YouTube link for mobile viewing


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Android Game review: Dead End


my mother used to tell me that one day id be good at something. who would thought that something woulda been zombie killin?

Downloaded the free version to try it out. Controls sluggish or unresponsive, and it reminded me of something off of a Commodore 64. This game is most certainly a Dead End!!!

Woah woah woah, graphics aren't everything. The touch controls work well and its definitely entertaining. No need for such extensive bashing.

Lol I was kind of thinking the same thing.
I mean, I come from a BB 9000. This is something that would be gold over on that platform. It's hard enough just to find ANY free games (or apps). I'm exaggerating a little, but it's not too far from the truth.

There are plenty of games out there with great graphics and horrible gameplay. Graphics don't mean anything. The gameplay in Dead End is addictive and that's what matters.

Maybe because these 'phones' run OpenGL and there's really no excuse for shitty graphics in 2010 on a 'phone' that's faster than most PCs from less than 10 years ago?

Just because you can doesn't mean you have to, by your logic any game that isn't a 3D game on these phones are crap.

Not at all! I point that out to illustrate there's no excuse. These are powerful devices that are more than capable of rendering decent graphics. Use better sprites! Hire a better artist! TRY! Most of the games in the market right now are simple cash grabs. It's disappointing.

So, no, graphics aren't everything, but they also go a long way to add polish. But "just because you can..." well, why the heck WOULDN'T you?

Ya, fastest install and uninstall ever on my N1 lol. It was ok but after a couple of waves that was enough. Thank goodness for free trials :)