Amazon GameCircle introduces achievements, cloud saving, and leaderboards to Kin

Amazon has just announced a service called GameCircle, which will allow Android developers to add unified achievements, leaderboards, and progress cloud sync to their Kindle Fire games. Doodle Jump, Temple Run, and Triple Town are already making use of the new APIs. Amazon also took the occasion to remind devs that there's a fully-functioning in-app purchase mechanism too. 

It's too bad Google hasn't really taken the reins and offered a similar social gaming experience baked right into Android natively, but the gap has allowed third parties like OpenFeint to step in and build a network. iOS has Game Center, and though there's still a lot of room for improvement there, GameCircle could stand to include something similar to its friending system to promote social spread of games. For now, Amazon is limiting GameCircle to KindleFire, but who knows if they'll open up the service to other devices, so long as they can get people to sign up for Amazon accounts. 

Developers interested in getting involved can head over to the sign-up page. Kindle Fire owners, how has your gaming experience been so far? Was the device really hurting for this kind of thing? Developers, does GameCircle make a Kindle Fire port more palatable?

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Amazon GameCircle introduces achievements, cloud saving, and leaderboards to Kindle Fire


This is good but, i really don't see people using their fire's for gaming,I wish that Google would make a social platform native for android but I guess i'm dreaming.

If Amazon got developers to support cloud saving en mass for all android devices, I would get all my games from them.

Not being able to play a game between both tablet and phone is the main reason I don't play as many in depth games on the platform.


achievements: meh
leaderboards: meh
social: meh
cloud sync: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Android is definitely in need of a progress storage and syncronization solution. When changing devices, flashing ROMs, uninstalling and reinstalling games (remember some games are HUGE), or using multiple devices loosing progress is a big deal that almost all gamers complain about. Hopefully, Amazon doing this will push google to add it natively to the play store.