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Amazon Game Studios launched their first Android game today called Air Patriots. It's basically Flight Control with a tower defense spin. Surprisingly, the game isn't being held back as an Amazon Appstore exclusive, so you can get downloading the free title on Google Play right now. 

Players pick a squadron of planes, draw their flight paths over an incoming army, and upgrade planes in between stages. There are only seven levels, but each has three difficulty levels and an endless survival mode. As a game published by Amazon, it's no surprise to hear that Whispersync cloud saving has been employed, as well as access to GameCircle for achievement tracking and socializing if you're playing on a Kindle Fire. 

I've played Air Patriots a little bit, and the gameplay is fun enough, even if it's sort of derivative. Anyone else try it? What do you think?

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garfnodie says:

Reading the comments on Google Play, I see it's a freemium game. I refuse to play games like that.

r007 says:

For those with Kindle's that wanted to check out the game, it is also available on the Amazon App Store:

The only Air Patriots I could find, shows that it is made by Lemon Team, and it is not their first game, as they are also the developers behind Airport Mania and it's sequels. What gives? Is Lemon team owned by Amazon Game Studios? Or do they have a publisher/developer type relationship?

leftee says:

Reading the description it says, "Amazon Game Studios presents: Air Patriots!