Android games

When your iPhone-loving friends question whether there are any decent games on your Android phone, just show them this video. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)


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50 Android games in 10 minutes


Very cool, but would have liked to have known the name of some of the games. Some I definitely recognized, others, not so much.

Im tired of people always comparing the android phones to apple. apple sux, the only GREAT thing on that phone is da quality of the video/ pictures on the phone. all the graphics display beautifully. android has SOOOO much more going on that that piece of shit. apple is like a dying branch and android is at da top of da top of da tree. So stop always comparing it, ANDROID is in its own level. fucking losers...... step yr game up !

Not sure what phone you have but my iphone friends wish their phones had the video/picture quality of my droid, just saying but I agree with ya on the rest.

Are these free, because if they are i would drop my pre. However the pre's finally gettin some big games. HTC Supersonic anyone? now thats wut im waiting for

This is the best thing I have seen so far !! I have been searching for games like this for a long time , its so hard to search through the Android market to find really good games !!! Thank You !!!

Been looking for something like this to give us a run down on what kicking games are out there.
Would be nice to see something along the lines of Command and Conquer and a workable version of Doom though.