Nest has been around for the better part of a decade and the company provides some of the best smart home products around. Nest got was founded by a couple of Apple engineers, and then was acquired by Google in 2014. Since then, we have seen many improvements and innovation in the world of smart thermostats, cameras, and more. Now that the smart home boom has taken off, Nest has become a household name for those looking to improve their quality of life. With its popularity, more and more companies have integrated their products to make them easier to work with Nest. Here's a look at all of those aforementioned products that currently "work with Nest."

Natural Integration: Google Home

It should come as no surprise that integration between Nest and Google Home is deep. Google acquired the company back in 2014, and recently merged Nest into Google's hardware division. This means that the Nest products are being developed directly alongside Google's Home products.

$30 at Google

Yale Smart Locks: Nest x Yale Lock

This smart lock comes from Yale but has Nest integration built right in, as you can unlock or lock the deadbolt from the convenience of the Nest application. Naturally, there is also Google Assistant support if you want to use your voice, but the lock itself connects via either Nest Connect or Nest Guard.

$280 at Amazon

Smart Lights: LIFX

LIFX Wi-Fi smart bulbs have been on the rise over the past year or two and for good reason. They integrate with many different services, along with Nest products. You can have these lights automatically dim while you're aware, or even warn you if there's smoke in the house.

$48 at Amazon

Smart Watch: Fitbit

If you own either the Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Ionic, then you will appreciate integration with Nest products as you can control your Nest Thermostats just from your wrists. There's no need for extra apps or downloads, as the two work seamlessly together.

$199 at Amazon

Smart Garage: MyQ Smart Garage Hub by Chamberlain

This smart home garage hub from Chamberlain brings the ability to control with your smartphone for most garage door openers. Additionally, the Nest integration allows you to see who is entering or leaving the garage with ease.

$80 at Amazon

Smarter Lights: Philips Hue

The Philips Hue lineup of smart lights are some of the most popular on the market. It makes perfect sense that these products work with Nest, making it possible to keep your house protected and alerting you if the situation arises.

$171 at Amazon

Control the lights: Lutron Caséta

Whole house convenience in the smart home world is extremely important and that's what the Lutron Caséta system hopes to offer. The system includes products such as smart light shades, light switches, outlets, and more.

$160 at Amazon

Light Controls: Kasa by TP-Link

Nest and Kasa by TP-Link work extremely well together, as your lights, plugs, and more can be automatically controlled based on whether Nest is set to Home or Away. This makes it easy to have your lights turn off when you leave for the day, and back on when you get back home.

$20 at Amazon

Switches: Wemo

The lineup of switches from Wemo work similarly to that of the Kasa by TP-Link, in that you can connect the Wemo switches to Nest and have them automatically turn on or off based on where you are. Plus, you can monitor energy consumption, and control specific products that are not "smart" out of the box.

$25 at Amazon

Camera Integration: My Leviton

My Leviton is a Wi-Fi lighting control system, with dimmers, switches, and plug-in modules that can be placed around your home. You can integrate these with your Nest Cameras to turn on the lights whenever motion is detected, while also offering different "scenes" that can be activated with your voice.

$40 at Amazon

Keep the lawn nice: Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

While the primary focus of the Rachio Controller is to manage your sprinklers, there is Nest integration to let you know how much water is used in your monthly Home Report. Additionally, this works with Nest Protect to allow for cycling through zones for protection from fires.

$230 at Amazon

Video Doorbell: SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Doorbell

The Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell provides 1080p HD video of whatever is going on at your front door. Integration with Nest brings the ability to start recording as soon as the Nest Cam detects any motion while you're away.

$200 at Amazon

Smart Ovens: Jenn-Air Connected Wall Oven

At first, you may think that smart ovens may be overkill in today's world. With the Jenn-Air Connected Oven, you can sync it with Nest to control your kitchen temperature when the oven is, plus, you can be alerted if you forget to turn the oven off after you leave the house.

$3,000 at Brayu & Scarff

Moar Ovens: Home Connect from Bosch and Siemens

Keeping with the smart oven trend, the Home Connect from Bosch and Siemens allows you to control everything from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can be notified if the oven is turned on and then can remotely turn it off.

$2,100 at Bosch

Overhead fans: Haiku with SenseME ceiling fan

Haiku smart fans work with Nest to ensure that you are saving as much energy as possible, while keeping your rooms cool and the air moving. These smart fans can even be adjusted during the Winter to push warm air down, which makes life easier for the heating system in your home and keeps you warmer.

$600 at Amazon

Home Hubs: Amazon Alexa

Nest integration with Alexa products have gotten better and better over the years with the different Alexa skills provided by Amazon. In addition to controlling your Nest Thermostat, you can ask Alexa what the temperature is in a specific room, and then adjust the temperature accordingly.

$30 at Amazon

Home Hubs: Rheem EcoNet

You may have heard of the name of Rheem when it comes to your water heater, furnace or air conditioner. However, the company's new EcoNet initiative integrates with Nest products to make sure that your units are being as efficient as possible, while providing comfort in your home.

$660 at Amazon

Remote Controls: Logitech Harmony

Logitech's Harmony Elite remote is considered one of the best in the business when it comes to controlling all of your various entertainment products. However, it can also be connected to your Nest Thermostat so that you can adjust the temperature in your home directly from the remote.

$250 at Amazon

Trusted Appliances: Whirlpool

Whirlpool has been a trusted name and brand for an extremely long time, and the company has moved into the smart home world. Nest and Whirlpool make it easy to make sure that your various appliances are optimized and running properly, while only running when you want them to run.

$1800 at Whirlpool

Smart Appliances: GE Appliances WiFi Connect

As is the case with many other appliances on this list, GE offers integration with Nest, and specifically Nest Protect. This is to make sure that your oven can be turned off if smoke is automatically detected, or if you left the oven on after you left the house.

$3630 at GE Appliances

Air Quality: AWAIR

AWAIR is an interesting device that tracks the Air Quality in your home. These measurements include humidity, dust, chemicals, CO2, and more. Connecting AWAIR with Nest makes it for your Nest Thermostat to be triggered in the case of air quality issues in the home.

$197 at Amazon

Smart Venting: Flair Pucks and Smart Vents

Flair Pucks and Smart Vents can be placed in any room of the house, and aim to bring better comfort across the entire home. Sync these products with Nest and the smart vents will adjust to make sure that every room in the house is the same temperature and comfort-level.

$160 at Flair

Avoid Disaster: LeakSmart

If you've ever experienced a flood in your home, you know how important it can be to do everything you can to avoid it from happening again. LeakSmart does this with a unique system that detects and stops water leaks "in 5 seconds or less". When paired with Nest, it can tell you to turn off your HVAC system if there is a leak that has sprung.

$800 at Amazon

Samsung Smarts: Samsung Smart Home

Samsung is already prevalent in many areas of the home, and is only getting better and smarter. With its integration with Nest, you can set Home and Away profiles so that your Samsung devices are automatically shut off when necessary.

$70 at Amazon

Sleep Better: SleepIQ from Sleep Number

There's no doubt that Sleep Number offers the most customizable and comfortable sleeping experience across the board. You can integrate the SleepIQ technology with Nest in order to ensure that your room is already set to the perfect temperature before you climb into bed.

$900 at Sleep Number

Alternative Thermostat: Nuheat SIGNATURE Thermostat

The standard Nest Thermostat may not be for everyone, as there are other options that include more features. The SIGNATURE Thermostat from Nuheat is one such example, which connects with Nest to create a customized schedule for when you are home or away.

$250 at Amazon

Controllable Lighting: OSRAM LIGHTIFY

The OSRAM LIGHTIFY system works with your Nest application to set various scenes based on whether you are home or away. The system includes regular smart light bulbs, along with lighting strips that can also be activated and customized.

$30 at Amazon

Fresh Gardens: GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

GreenIQ claims that it is "the leader of the smart garden revolution", and the brains are provided by the Smart Garden Hub. While you are making sure that your plants are properly watered and treated, Nest Protect makes sure to move the sprinklers if smoke is detected.

$250 at Home Depot

Leak Detection: Streamlabs SmartHome Water Monitor

The Water Monitor from Streamlabs operates and detects leaks a bit differently, as it connects directly onto the pipes in your home. The Monitor will notify your Nest products, and then will adjust leak detection sensitivity while notifying you if there are any issues that arise.

$200 at Amazon

Home Security Automation: Vivint SkyControl

SkyControl from Vivint ensures that you can control and connect with your home from the same app. Plus, there is integration with both Nest and Amazon Alexa to control your thermostat from wherever you are.

$550 at Vivint

No Contract Security: SimpliSafe

In addition to keeping your home safe, the SimpliSafe Home Security System also knows when you leave so it can automatically adjust your Nest Thermostat. Plus, you don't have to deal with unnecessary contracts to keep your home secure and safe from the bad guys.

$186 at Amazon

Control from the Car: Automatic Connected Car Adapter

The Automatic Connected Car Adapter already does a fantastic job of keeping track of what's going on with your car. But it also makes it easy to get your Nest Thermostat set to the right temperatures while you're on your long commute home.

$100 at Automatic

Smart Venting: Keen Home Smart Vent

Keen provides Smart Vents which create an "intuitive room-zoned HVAC system", which will work with your Nest system to create an extremely comfortable and balanced home.

$111 at Amazon

Smart Mirrors: simplehuman sensor mirror pro

Smart mirrors are not necessarily something you would think you would need, but it provides the ultimate experience for those who need to make sure their makeup is on point. Integration with your Nest Cam ensures that the integrated light settings are absolutely perfect while you're getting ready.

$250 at Amazon

Backyard Automation: Hayward OmniLogic

Working with either the Nest Thermostat or Nest Protect, Hayward's OmniLogic automation system communicates with the different modes integrated with Nest. Doing so provides customization controls for outdoor lighting along with adjusting the temperature of your home.

$1700 at Amazon

Home or Away: iHome Control Smart Plugs

A recent update to the iHome lineup of Smart Plugs make it possible to control anything that you plug into them. When paired with Nest, you can have various products automatically turned off or on depending on which "state" your Nest is set. Plus, there are triggers that can be created to truly create a personalized smart home experience.

$30 at Amazon

Smarter Locks: August Home

August Home provides some of the best controls over what is going on at your front door and who can get in or out. August Home also works with Nest Cam to provide video clips for when someone either enters or exits your home.

$227 at Amazon

One App: Insteon

Insteon is a single system hub which integrates with your smart home products, providing controls for everything, all from a single application. This includes the Nest Learning Thermostat, along with the Home and Away modes that Nest provides.

$100 at Amazon

Wireless Thermometer: ThermoPeanut

This wireless thermostat from can be placed in every room and then automatically adjust the temperatures on your Nest Thermostats. This is done using your smartphone with Bluetooth Smart, and you can even use the ThermoPeanut to change the temperature if a room drops below a previously-specified temperature.

$27 at Best Buy

Home Awareness: Notion

Notion is a "home awareness solution" that notifies you when something happens in your home with the help of the Notion sensor. This can be connected to your Nest Thermostat to help save energy if your doors or windows are open and your heating or air conditioning is running.

$200 at Amazon

Baby Monitor: Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Mimo claims this is the "world's first smart baby monitor", as it keeps you and your partner aware of your baby's breathing, sleep/wake activity, and more. This product also works with both the Nest Thermostat and Nest Cam's as another way to keep an extremely close eye on how your little one is doing.

$123 at Amazon

Monitor the air: Foobot

Air quality is important in your home, especially if you have asthma or allergies. The Foobot works with your Nest Thermostat to adjust the fan speed in order to help you breathe easier in the comfort of your own home.

$199 at Amazon

Feed your pets: Petnet SmartFeeder

With this new wave of smart home products, one surprising option comes from Petnet with its SmartFeeder. This monitors your pet's eating habits and alerts you if something changes suddenly, while also working in tandem with the Nest Cam to provide video and images of your pets while they are eating.

$179 at Amazon

No Fires: Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

The Skydrop Sprinkler Controller is a simple but elegant device which communicates with Nest Protect to help prevent a fire if the situation arises. As a precaution, the sprinkler system will automatically be turned on if there is a threat of a fire near your home.

$80 at Amazon

Sleep Tracking: Misfit

On the surface, Misfit's lineup of fitness trackers may seem basic, but there are some great features, which include integration with your Nest Thermostat. When paired, your Nest and Misfit will communicate after your alarms are set so that you will "wake up to the perfect temperature."

$55 at Amazon

Smart Home Phone: Ooma

You already have a smartphone in your pocket or on your person, but what about when you are home? That's where Ooma comes in with a smart home phone service which integrates with Nest, along with Amazon Echo and other smart home products with ease.

$80 at Amazon

Safer Home: abode

The aptly named "abode" is a full self-install home security system with no monthly fees or contracts. As expected this system works in conjunction with Nest lineup of products to provide one of the best security systems that money can buy.

$280 at Amazon

Water Controller: Aquanta

Aquanta has created a "retrofittable water heater controller" which can be controlled from the Nest application, while being integrated with the Nest Thermostat for complete control. This integration also allows you to keep track of the energy that your water heater is being used.

$189 at Amazon

Better Router: Almond Router

Gone are the days of boring old routers, as new options feature more power and better coverage across your home. There are some that act as a hub for your smart home products, and that rings true for the Almond Router. This also integrates with your Nest products so that you can control every aspect of your smart home.

$90 at Amazon

Unique Water Heater: Heatworks Model 1

This special water heater from Heatworks uses electricity and natural impurities in the water to instantly heat your water to the desired temperature. Pair the Heatworks Model 1 with your Nest Thermostat and you're given more control over your water heater to keep an eye on energy costs.

$470 at Lowe's

Standing Out: Zuli Smartplug

The Zuli Smartplug stands apart from the rest of the crowd as it adapts to the temperature and light settings in your home with the help of Nest. Additionally, if you own three of these Smartplugs, then Zuli Presence will automatically adjust your Nest Thermostat as soon as you get home.

$10 at Amazon

Another Smart Lock: Kevo Smart Lock by Kwikset

Kwikset makes reliable door locks and handles and other accouterments for your home, but has made the move into the smart home. The Kevo Smart Lock communicates with your Nest Thermostat and adjusts the temperature based on who is home, so that person is comfortable, while also changing for each individual person.

$166 at Amazon

DIY Security: GetSafe Home Security

The GetSafe Home Security system features a do-it-yourself installation experience, while communicating with the Nest Thermostat. Integration is key as you can control your Thermostat with the GetSafe system.

$249 at GetSafe

Watch Out: Guardzilla

If you don't want to invest in the Nest Cam, you have other options such as Guardzilla. This system provides two HD video security solutions, without breaking the bank. There is Nest integration, making it possible to control and receive alerts from Guardzilla via the Nest app on your phone or tablet.

$60 at Amazon

Alarm Clock: BEDDI - Intelligent Alarm Clock

It's important to be able to wake up on time for work or that important doctor's appointment. Smart Alarm Clocks are starting to gain traction, and the one from BEDDI will automatically adjust your Nest Thermostat based on when your alarms start going off, or when you press the "Smart Button".

$99 at Amazon

Sleep Tracking: Withings

Withings provides a "high-tech sleep-tracking system" which will help improve your sleep, along with making sure you wake up without worrying about missing an alarm. As is the case with other smart alarm products listed, this device will communicate with your Nest Thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature to ensure maximum comfort when waking up.

$122 at Amazon

Peace of Mind: ALC Connect Plus

The ALC Connect Plus allows you to arm your system with ease, while also setting up specific scenarios when a certain door is opened. Nest integration makes changing the temperature easy, and Nest Protect will notify you when the smoke alarm goes off.

$90 at Amazon

Intuitive Security: Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm is a full security system which integrates your Nest Cam, along with Nest Protect. In addition to utilizing Home/Away Assist from Nest, the Scout Alarm automatically changes the state of your cameras whenever you arm or disarm your security system.

$450 at Amazon

As you can see, there are so many products that integrate with Nest's various devices and services. The list simply continues to grow, and everything mentioned above offers something a little bit different when compared to Nest's competition.

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