Why wait for Prime Day? The Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic are at all-time lows!

A close-up of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

We have one more day to wait until the October Prime Day deals begin, but you don't actually have to wait: Amazon has jumped the gun with some excellent prices. Just look at the Galaxy Watch 6, our favorite smartwatch of the year, which is currently $30 off despite launching less than two months ago. 

According to our deals tracker, it's the lowest price ever on the best Android watch on the market without needing a trade-in deal — and the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 was already very affordable compared to competing brands. Plus, we've spotted the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic for $30 off as well; it's not as big of a percentage off, but it's still the lowest price we've seen on the more stylish and premium model.

So far, the Samsung pre-Prime Day deals have really impressed us, with up to $300 off its phones and tablets. But the $269 Galaxy Watch 6 and $369 Watch 6 Classic take the cake for affordability, and unlike most Prime Day deals, you don't need to be a Prime member to take advantage of this one. 

Get the lowest price of the year thus far on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: $300 $269.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: $300 $269.99 at Amazon

The Galaxy Watch 6 40mm has a 40-hour battery life, thin-bordered 1.3-inch display with sapphire glass, a very lightweight design that's both water-resistant and shock-resistant, a new low-lag Exynos chip with extra RAM, and the promise of at least four years of speedy Wear OS updates. It's the complete package at a very reasonable price, even without the October Prime Day pre-deal!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: $429 $399 at Amazon (47mm) | $399 $369 at Amazon (43mm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: $429 $399 at Amazon (47mm) | $399 $369 at Amazon (43mm)

When Samsung chose to bring back its Classic design after abandoning it, we were thrilled. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic's elevated rotating bezel is much more reliable for controls than the standard Watch 6's touch bezel, and the Classic looks much more stylish with its stainless steel frame. The 47mm 1.5-inch model is pretty darn heavy but will make a statement on your wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic LTE (cellular): $450 $419.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic LTE (cellular): $450 $419.99 at Amazon

Do you want an option to make phone calls in an emergency, if your phone dies, or if you want to leave your phone behind during a workout? You can attach a cellular plan to your watch for a $50 surcharge; thanks to this Prime Day deal, you're essentially paying just $20 more than you normally would for this backup option!

What makes the Galaxy Watch 6 our favorite? Our review runs through many of the perks, but this is a watch fully packed with health sensors that track your heart health and rhythm, sleep quality, skin temperature, body fat percentage, and other data. It's also among the fastest watches on the market, on par with Apple Watch, and its Wear OS software is co-designed by Google and Samsung to run smoothly. 

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has all of the same perks, but with a rotating bezel that clicks every time you move between apps or menu items. As much as we like how compact the Watch 6 is, its capacitive touch bezel can be more finicky than having an actual dial, especially during workouts. The Classic gives you that extra control and looks more stylish on your wrist — if you can stomach the extra weight.

If you want a reliable Android watch, it's either the Galaxy Watch 6 family or the brand-new Pixel Watch 2, and that's both more expensive and unlikely to go on sale anytime before 2024. If you want to save without compromising on quality, go with the Galaxy Watch 6.

Michael L Hicks
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