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Today only, Amazon is taking 30% off Anki robot toys, including the Cozmo and Vector robots and the Anki Overdrive racing game.

The Vector robot is Anki's newest release, having just been made available for sale in early October. It debuted at $250 and hasn't dropped in price until today's sale taking it to $174.99. This robot gets consistent updates bringing new features, including one that's set to hit before the end of the year to unlock Amazon Alexa support. He's already voice-activated though, and has the ability to answer questions, take photos, show you the weather, and more. It even recharges on its own.

If the Vector is over your budget a bit, the Cozmo Robot might be a better option for you at $125.99. You can challenge it to play games with you, guide him around, and more, and there are two colors on sale right now; Red has dropped to $125 once before, while the limited edition Blue version has never fallen below its regular price of $180 until now.

Meanwhile, you'll also want to check out the Anki Overdrive sets that are included in the sale. You pair the cars inside with your mobile device and you can begin racing your friends or AI drivers. Right now, both the standard edition and the Fast & Furious edition of the game are discounted to $97.50, saving you around $50 off their average price.

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