The Kuulaa USB-C Qi wireless charging pad white is down to $7 with code ZX3IYGXN on Amazon. Without the code, the charging pad is selling for $20. It always sells at that price, and we haven't ever seen it drop this low directly. In the past, the most likely way this pad ever saw a drop in price was through a code like this, but even then it didn't drop this low.

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Kuulaa USB-C Qi wireless charging pad white

Provides 7.5W for iPhone and 10W for Android phones and 5W for other Qi-enabled devices. Has safety features to protect from overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and other issues. Works with Quick Charge 3.0 if you have the right adapter.

$7.00 $20.00 $13 off

With coupon: ZX3IYGXN

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The pad will provide you 7.5W fast charging for the iPhone from the 8 Plus and up. It will also provide 10W fast charging for the Galaxy S10 lineup, the Note lineup, and more. Other devices get 5W as long as they are Qi compatible.

It is designed with a zinc alloy that makes the bottom surface smooth and wear-resistant. It uses a non-slip silicone design so phones won't slip and slide across the pad. With the white color, the simple design, and the slim appearance, it's a stylish charging pad that will fit in a multitude of situations. The pad also has a smart white LED that will let you know when it's ready to charge, when it's actually charging, and when the device it's charging is ready to go. The charging function should work up to 8mm, which means you can use even a thicker case on your phone and still get the power you need.

If you want to get the full 10W charge on your Android phone, you will need to connect to a Quick Charge 3.0 wall adapter. Grab this one from Anker for just $13.99.

The Kuulaa pad has plenty of safety protections. You won't have to worry about the pad or your device taking this whole wireless charging thing too far. The pad will keep your device safe from things like over-heating, over-current, short circuiting, and more. It won't over charge your battery or waste energy unnecessarily.

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