Razer Android TV micro-console

Razer's getting into the connected entertainment market by announcing a micro-console powered by Android TV. Set to launch later this fall, Razer's micro-console will be focused on gaming, and will be able to stream movies, music and other apps.

Although Razer isn't divulging the exact hardware used in the micro-console, the brand's CEO and founder Min-Liang Tan said that users would be able to play hardcore games along with more casual titles. Pricing details have also not been announced, with Tan only stating that the micro-console would be "affordable."

The few nuggets of information Razer has shared indicate that the device would feature voice-guided navigation, which is an intrinsic feature in Android TV. In addition, Razer is also adding the ability to navigate the micro-console with dedicated mobile apps which will be available for Android tablets and smartphones.

Razer also mentioned that the same design team that worked on its earlier hardware efforts like the Razer Blade, the Razer Edge and the modular Project Christine will be working on the design of the Android TV micro-console.

Other than that, there isn't any concrete information available regarding the device. Razer hasn't even finalized a name yet, and is just calling the Android TV device a "micro-console."

We should have more information once the micro-console gets closer to its launch, which is slated for sometime this fall.

Are you excited about Razer's Android TV device? What kind of hardware do you think the micro-console will feature?

Source: Razer