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Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the galactic mote space amoeba. Its single-level mission: To not get eaten by bigger, nastier, red space amoebae and to boldly go where no space amoeba has gone before.

Oh, hey everyone. I've just introduced you to Osmos HD. There's not much to say about it, really. You start off as a small, worthless little blue space amoeba that hungers to be the biggest amoeba around. How do you get there? By eating the little guys, of course. Watch out, though. If you're not careful, bigger guys than yourself will be feasting on your space matter, too.

First things first. If you're going to become the biggest fish in an incredibly large pool, you've got to know how to move around. Tap on the sides of your space amoeba and he'll eject little bits of himself (gross) to propel him where you want him to float.

The double-edge to this rule, however, is that you're actually ejecting little parts of yourself. Each tap makes you a little bit smaller, thereby potentially ruining your chances of absorbing that tasty amoeba you were floating towards.

There's some nifty multitouch stuff to get around on the menus as well as a slider to either speed up the action or slow things down a bit.

There's two modes, Arcade and Odyssey, but you have to beat Odyssey mode before you can hop into Arcade. Odyssey sort of acts like the tutorial plus the introduction to the mechanics, and once you've beaten it, you can hop into Arcade and try to play any level on any difficulty to really test your chops.

Osmos HD is an absolutely gorgeous game, and with that said, there's nothing left to say. It's incredibly relaxing to play, has a beautiful, ambient soundtrack, and even has a couple of achievements to unlock for those who like digital trophies. Oh, and did I mention it was good enough to make the Humble Bundle?

If you haven't yet, get Osmos HD. It's well worth the $4.99 that's being asked for it in the Market, so show some devs a bit of love, pick up an awesome game, and spend the rest of your time floating the night away, space amoeba-style.

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