Endgame: Proving Ground

Early last year we heard of a partnership between James Frey and Niantic to bring his newest book series to life in an Augmented Reality game. Niantic has had great success with Ingress over the past two years as users from over 200 countries have joined in the game play. Endgame: Proving Ground, which will be available in a closed beta later this year, will give players the chance to act as part of an alternate-reality battle for humanity.

In Endgame: Proving Ground, players will join one of the original 12 Lines of humanity and participate in an interactive story spanning real-world locations across the globe. Players will customize their champion and compete in virtual player-vs-player (PvP) battles using their mobile devices near special "Key Sites" scattered around the world.

Starting today users can begin exploring the website and earning points and unlocking achievements by completing interactive puzzles and watching various YouTube videos.. A global leader-board will keep track of who does what, and will allow for special bonuses to be unlocked when the game debuts later this year.

Source: AncientSocieties