Android gamers can once again grab a bunch of cool games for a very low amount of money in the new Humble Mobile Bundle 7. The seventh version of the "pay what you want" collection offers six games, with the promise of more to be added later.

Android device owners can pay whatever they like for three games in this new bundle: Heroes of Loot, The Tiny Bang Story and Color Zen Premium. If you decide to pay more than the average Humble Bundle customer (currently $4.01 as of this writing), you can download three more titles: Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Sorcery! and Horn. In addition to the games, Humble Mobile Bundle 7 also offers the soundtracks of five of the six titles. Normally, the price for all six games and the five soundtracks would be about $41.

As with the previous Humble Mobile Bundle deals, you can also choose to donate a portion of your payment to support two charities: The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play. There's also an option to give a tip to the Humble Bundle team itself. Humble Mobile Bundle 7 will end on September 24. Do you plan to check out this latest collection of Android games?

Source: Humble Bundle