Nyko recently announced their first batch of NVIDIA Shield accessories, and we got a chance to play around with them at E3. First up is a soft shell with form-fitted interior for some solid baseline protection. There's a zipper all around the outside to keep it snug, and a lanyard to make sure you don't lose your grip on it. That one should be going for about $19.99. 

Taking things a step up is a glossy hard shell case that has a clip fastener and a more heavy-duty lanyard. That'll be $29.99. The most interesting accessory of the bunch was the PlayPad Pro 2, which is a Bluetooth controller that has been working with the NVIDIA Shield since the get-go. Why would you need a controller for something that's already a controller? Local multiplayer, of course. It's looking like the Moga Power series might have a bit of competition on that front. The PlayPad Pro 2 will be retailing for about $39.99. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Shield dock on display, but it will be able to not only charge, but also pump out video and audio over HDMI at the same time. 

How many of you guys are thinking of picking up an NVIDIA Shield? Do you plan on taking it on the road a lot, and if so, are you gonna need a protection like this? Will the Shield be just as useful as a multiplayer hub as it is a singleplayer device?